WILD Remark About Dildos Made By U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings During Anti-Texas Rant, Hilarity Ensues


February 12, 2015

Mad World News:

A Florida congressman has found himself battling quite the backlash after making a few ridiculous comments about the good ol’ state of Texas. Amid his off-the-wall rant, U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) made a remark that Texas is a “crazy state” and cited a law that residents may only own “six dildos” in Texas as proof.

Too bad for him, like so many other “facts” shared by Democrats, it wasn’t even close to true.

Hastings kicked off the incident when publicly speaking with Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) about Texas legislators choosing not to participate in the state health care exchanges regarding Obamacare. It was at that time that Hastings experienced a bout of unprofessionalism and said, “I don’t know about in your state, which I think is a crazy state to begin with, and I mean that just as I said it.”

The two bickered back and forth as Burgess understandably took the comment personally and demanded an apology. However, Hastings shot back, “What I said to him I meant.”

But he wasn’t done there. “And that is that, I thought that those kinds of policies were plain crazy, and he would have to wait until hell freezes over if he thought I owed him a personal apology,” he continued. “I do not, and I will not.”

Since that time, Hastings has been able to elaborate on his remarks but it really didn’t go according to plan. During a phone interview with CNN, he instead made clear his delusional and unfounded thought process.

Trying to get the point across that Texas legislators were “crazy,” Hastings went on to display his chronic foot-in-mouth disorder, saying, “One of their cities has a law that says that women can only have six dildos, and the certain size of things. And if that ain’t crazy, I don’t know what is.”

As one would imagine, that law is every bit as crazy as it sounds, because it isn’t true.

More at Mad World News:

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