February 13, 2015

Arlin Report: (If you haven’t been to his site, you should!)

Serco won the 1.2 billion dollar contract contest with the federal Center of Medicare and Medicaid as the ObamaCare application processing center in Wenstville, Missouri.   The facility employees approximately 1,400 with various positions from data entry to shift supervisors and managers.

Nearly a year ago, when the center was well up and running, well may be overstating it,  KMOV News 4 in St. Louis learned the employees spent nearly their entire day playing board games; little to no work!  Your tax dollars wasted……..nothing to show.

One year later, investigative reporter Chris Nagus of KMOV interviewed employees, which included a manager at Serco only to find that nothing has changed, and may be worse.

One manager stated employees have a difficult time staying awake.   They are bored, nothing to do.  Some data entry workers may go the entire week without a single application processed.  They play board games during extended breaks.   They are told to tap the refresh key on the computer keyboard every 10 minutes.  Some employees have become so bored and fed up, they just can’t take it anymore and quit.

This apparently is the scene at other processing centers across the country as well.   In addition to Missouri there is Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland.   Sites in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky are said to employee up to 10,000 employees.    They also have more job openings.

It is our tax dollars flipping the bill on these contracts.   The cost of ObamaCare…….why its better than unemployment benefits.

Serco’s parent company in the United Kingdom is involved in a probe for fraud for over-billing the government for healthcare.  Serco was fined 15 million dollars for mismanagement of asylum detention centers in Australia.

Is this how Obama came up with his jobs creation and lower unemployment numbers……rewarding a company a contract, so they can grossly over hire to sit on their asses all day, while tax payers pay their salaries.   This is your government, we’ll create a worthless job for you. This is ObamaCare!

Permission from Arlin Report: to Lorra B. to post articles in their entirety.

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