February 16, 2015

Desert Musings:

The country came together when asked to do so. Slowly, over a four-year period, we took a congress run by Democrats, and turned it into a congress run by Republicans. Why? The Democrats had too much power, and they proved themselves to be inept at managing compromise. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were not leaders. They were more like Hitler-like dictators. They did what they wanted, and they didn’t want to hear any complaints for anybody. If they heard such complaints, those members were shunned until the next election when they could be replaced.

Well, now it’s the Republicans turn. And from where I sit, I don’t think we’ve gone a whole lot better. At least not yet. Granted, it’s only been six weeks, but I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen.

We’ve seen them take six weeks to get the Keystone XL Pipeline through, and they finally have, and it’s going to get shot down for a veto. The house has passed another attempted at getting rid of Obamacare, which is really stupid because when you think about it, there aren’t the votes in the Senate to pass it with 60, and there isn’t a veto-proof majority in either chamber. You know Obama is going to veto something that destroys his key legislation. So it’s going nowhere. It was a waste of time.



Now we’ve got two other things that are on the burner, trying to get passed. One is going to face a tough time in the senate, the other faces a tough time because Obama initiated it.

The first “tough” legislation is the funding of the Department of Homeland Securities. It runs out of money at the end of the month and basically so does all of the branches under it. It was an effort to force Obama to take back his executive orders on immigration reform. It passed the house, with a non-veto-proof majority, and is mired in the senate where the Democrats won’t let it get to the floor (you need 60 votes…it doesn’t have 60 votes). The other legislation is more important. That would grant Obama the war authorization he needs to “prosecute” the war against ISIS. Neither side is happy with what he proposed. The GOP doesn’t think it’s specific enough…the Dems think it goes too far.

So both sides are crafting their own bill. Or they will when they return from President’s Day recess in a week. That will hopefully get done. Because it IS congress’ duty to declare war. If they can’t reach agreement on this elementary duty of theirs, the rest is a trip to Mars. It’ll never happen.

The GOP leadership needs to craft something that can pass both houses and do so quickly. Yes, it would be nice to give the president something that is specific in its powers and focuses more on what he should do rather than what he won’t do. But you’ve got a bunch of Dems that won’t go that way. If you botch this bill, and this very basic duty of the congress, you’re basically telling the world you’re inept and can’t perform your duties. And you’re going to lose ALL your duties to the White House. That’s something neither party wants to see happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Permission given to Lorra B. to post articles in their entirety.


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