President’s Day Tribute: The Best To The Worst!

It does seem like a fair assessment… You have to admit, however, that Ford was a hoot to watch! Clumsiest prez ever! LOLOL

Desert Musings

Last year I gave a list of the presidents, best to worst from World War II through today. I figured I’d try to top it today. So, here we go. All of the presidents…from the Greats to the Near Greats to the Good to the Bad to the Ugly:


1. Abraham Lincoln: What can you say about The Great Emancipator? Had he lived he may have screwed up his rating… a lot of presidents were like that!

2. George Washington: Anyone that is over 200 years old and we still celebrate his birthday deserves “Great” in my book.


3. Ronald Reagan: He brought an end to the Cold War, and brought stability back to the White House after Watergate.

4. Harry Truman: Gutsy. Ended World War II by dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Unpopular at the time (barely won election after taking over after FDR’s death…

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