Radical Brownies: Oakland Girls Recite ‘Social Justice Propaganda’ Instead of Selling Cookies


February 17, 2015

By Lorra B.

“Radical Brownies,” an Oakland Brownie troop, consisting of girls from the age of 8 to 10, are learning and regurgitating Social Justice Propaganda. The girls are spreading a message instead of selling cookies.

What message could these young girls be so eager to spread? Their message seems to be centered on the recent Black Lives Matter protests. But the month-old Brownie troop are not being told what to think, insists Co-founder, Marilyn Hollinquest. 

Although the Brownies may look like a Girl Scout Troop, they are far from it. Nor is the troop all fun and games as is evident in a Brownies statement. “White policemen are killing black young folks such as women, men and children,” a young girl states.

The girls are not being told what to think. Where, I wonder, did that young girl learn such a statement?

“Mike Brown. He was shot because he didn’t do nothing. Only the police officer shot him because of his skin color,” the little girl went on to say. “It’s really good for me because it brings out who I am.”

How, then, did a group of young girls turn into a gang of Social Justice Soldiers?

These girls are not learning social skills or scholastic skills but social justice!

Their uniforms also portray a message. A Brownie said, “The Beret, it’s a Black Panther/Brown Beret twist.” Hollinquest stated, “I think it’s very appropriate. A lot of the work the Black Panthers did was community oriented.”

Even the girl’s badges are custom made to reflect their “social justice and culturally inclusive values,” reports WND Diversions. “The badges include Radical Beauty Badge, Food Justice Badge [and the] Radical Self-Love” badge.

If you go to the Brownies Facebook page it reads, “Radical Brownies empowers young girls of color to step into their collective power, brilliance and leadership to make the world a more radical place.” You may find their “about” page more interesting, simply because it doesn’t sound like a young girls mission statement:

“As queer women of color and avid trans allies we believe in creating trans and gender non-conforming inclusive spaces. We embrace the spectrum of gender diversity throughout our lessons and activities with group members. As co-founders we each have 15 years of youth development and programming backgrounds with LGBTQ and youth of color, and are implementing best practices in building a strong structure for our group.”

By marching in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade, the girls earned their first badge, a fist with the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ inscribed on it. “The girls felt really just like passionate about the topic and they loved being there,” stated Co-founder Anayvette Martinez.

The online-criticism created by the Radical Brownies has been monumental and the group has been accused of brainwashing these young girls.

As I stated earlier, Hollinquest denies telling the girls what to think but does admit “we did strike a nerve. We definitely did strike a nerve. Kids already understand fairness and unfairness, so we take that understanding at an age-appropriate level.”

If this isn’t a form of brainwashing and these children are mature enough to understand the complexities of the issues to which they speak then maybe the question should be whether or not they be used to spread an agenda rather than simply being children for all long as they possibly can.

Maybe spewing Social Justice Propaganda should be left to the adults with such an inclination and leave the Radical Brownies to their childhood and what is left of their innocence.



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