February 18, 2015

Desert Musings:

Sander Levin is one of the most liberal people in the world. So, you know when he’s telling you that Obamacare is unfair and needs to be changed, you probably should listen to him. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Oh. You probably didn’t realize it because you were so busy getting ready for President’s Day celebrations, but Obamacare Open Enrollment 2.0 ended on Sunday. It ended more or less with a whimper than a bang, and that’s got liberal Dems worried. They’re afraid that their constituents that didn’t sign up by Sunday are going to find out too late (like now?) that they’re going to owe bigger fines. Much bigger than last year, and certainly a lot bigger than the $95 that had been touted in 2014!

So, Levin and some of his colleagues are trying to talk the White House into changing the law (again), and not imposing these strict penalties on people who don’t pay the tax….er…sign up for the healthcare.

And there is the dilemma that the White House finds itself in. It HAS to have everyone on board with this or the weight of the sick people signing up are going to sink it. And it HAS to have some sort of mechanism in place to force people to do it “or else”. And it’s the “or else” part that is meeting with resistance. So, don’t expect Sander Levin’s pleas to fall on anything but big (really big) deaf ears.

Of course, all of this may be for naught anyway. The Supreme Court is going to be hearing the King v. Burwell case in another month or so, and making a decision in June. And unless Bobo decides that he’s going to pass “some walkin’ around money” to the justices on the high court, I think he may be in trouble on this one. The court has already heard appeal after appeal about what’s wrong with Obamacare. They found in favor of Hobby Lobby and against the government on the last go around, and methinks they may be inclined to do it again this time around.

In case you missed it, King v. Burwell is challenging the law as it’s written. The law basically says that states that use http://www.healthcare.gov instead of their own websites to administer their healthcare are not allowed to give subsidies to their residents. This was done, as we’ve learned from Jonathon Gruber, to force states into building their own websites. After all, what state would want to deny its residents a chance to get cheap healthcare? Oh, about 37 of them. Anyway, the rest of the country has to pay for these 37 states that are not supposed to be giving out subsidies but are (or at least the IRS is allowing the subsidies to go through at the request of the White House). That’s in clear violation of the law as written. Of course, Democrats say that’s not the intent or spirit of the law…the intent is that everybody gets subsidies if they qualify. So, the Supreme Court has to determine if what is actually written is the law, or if there is some ethereal explanation that is behind the words that we weren’t privy to.

And if the subsidies are over-turned, those folks that got subsidies may have to pay them back! Can I get a “OOPS!”?

And then, of course, no one signs up for Obamacare or pays for it because they aren’t getting the subsidies that they were promised. And the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Hee hee hee.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Permission given to Lorra B. to post Desert Musing Articles in their entirety. 

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