OOPS! ISIS Poster Boy Accidentally Married FBI Spy, Here’s What She Learned

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

February 18, 2015

Mad World News:

As Mad World News has previously reported, German rapper Denis Cuspert, also known as “Deso Dogg,” has enlisted in ISIS and now goes by the name of Abu Talha al-Amani. Though we thought that would be the last we heard of the rapper, we were very wrong. Recent reports have disclosed that the ISIS poster boy married in Syria, but unbeknownst to him, she was a FBI spy.

The woman married Abu Talha al-Amani to secretly obtain information on ISIS. According toFox News Insider, German and American intelligence sources confirmed that she transmitted critical information to the FBI, including details of top-secret ISIS operations. For her protection, the woman remains unidentified.

Not only did she successfully obtain information on the rapper, but she was able to obtain information on the Islamic State that wasn’t previously known. She was regularly in contact with her handlers, and how she transmitted the information still remains unclear. According toFox News, when the spy was informed by her handlers that she was in danger, she immediately slipped in to Turkey where she was arrested and handed over to the United States.

Rift In ISIS Ranks: The FBI Got A Spy On The Inside, Here’s What She Learned

“We were already a long time in the bedrooms of the terrorists,” explained a security official. It was proven easy for the woman to become a love interest of Abu Talha al-Amani since he was an avid womanizer. The day they were wedded still remains unclear.

It is believed that the FBI agent’s mission coincided with the announcement by the United States informing that Cuspert was labelled as a “global terrorist.”

“Denis Cuspert stands in the focus of security circles because of his essential role for Islamic State,” a German law enforcement official told Fox News, “He is propagandist of IS.”

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  1. Isn’t it great that his desires are what will sink him, that pillow talk will get you every time! I wouldn’t have wanted his wife’s “job.” I think she should get pay according to the hazardous nature of having to bed a sheep shagger. 😝 Plus he has the whole droopy pants look going on along with the tow chain necklace which is beyond ugly. Easy to run from a guy with those pants though. LOL.

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    • No doubt right? UGH. I wouldn’t want to have that job either!!! Can you just imagine? Having them touch you any way they want to and just vomiting inside??? There isn’t enough money on the planet for me do ever do that. GAG!!!

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      • I agree Lora, not enough sanitizer in the world to get the yuck of bed time with that off oneself. He’s probably even worse when he opens his mouth to speak, I have a feeling he’s all kinds of stupid too. 😁

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