Watch: Reporter SLAMS Muslim Who Calls Her “Islamophobic” for Asking About Beheading

dMarch 3, 2015

Mad World News:

As often as the media cowers in silence out of fear of being called “bigoted” or “racist,” one television reporter refused to let political correctness stifle her from reporting the truth to the world.

Fiery Sky News presenter Kay Burley is known for her no-nonsense manner, hammering out hard questions and refusing to allow interviewees to deflect from the truth.

Speaking to Cerie Bullivant, a spokesperson for British advocacy group CAGE, the tv host got right to the point of her interview, reports Express.

“What level of harassment by the security system here in the United Kingdom justifies beheadings?” she questioned after introducing the spokesperson.

“It’s not about justifying it; it’s about looking at the cause of it (radicalization) so that we can make everybody safer,” he stuttered after his initial shock.

“How do you feel about the beheading?” she asked Bullivant about ISIS insurgent Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John).

“That is inherently Islamophobic and racist,” he said with an indignant expression.

Nonsense! Get over yourself!” she exclaimed, immediately shutting down Bullivant’s erroneous claims.

Bullivant continued on after being chastised, blaming the UK security services for aiding in the radicalization of Emwazi. His ridiculous claim is more understandable after hearing CAGE director Asum Qureshi laud Emwazi, describing him as an “extremely kind, extremely gentle…and the most humble young person that I ever knew.”

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6 thoughts on “Watch: Reporter SLAMS Muslim Who Calls Her “Islamophobic” for Asking About Beheading

  1. I loved watching this reporter verbally slap that fool! This is how all the PC crap should be handled, it should not become a shield that these cowards hide behind.

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  2. Only FOX News will take on a weasel like this. Another great woman news broadcaster. Analyse how beheddings happen? Read the Qur’an moron, it’s a mandate 335


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