dMarch 7, 2015

Desert Musings: 

One thing Bobo Obama will not go down in history for is the most honest president we’ve ever had. I think Abraham Lincoln can rest easy knowing that mantle is firmly ensconced with his name attached.

It has come to light that during the 2012 presidential campaign, while Bobo was out on the campaign trail telling the world that “I’ve killed bin Laden, and al Qaeda is on the run”, Bobo was being told something entirely different from his national security folks. They had told him flat-out that al Qaeda was becoming stronger, and growing day by day. In essence, he lied.

Fast forward to today. In the lawsuit against Bobo dealing with immigration, the attorney for the administration lied to the judge, over playing and misleading the judge on the implications of the law and what it would mean going forward. In essence, the attorney committed perjury and lied to the judge. It didn’t matter because as we all know by now, the judge ended up siding with the states until the trial could actually be heard.

In a daring move, but one that really makes a lot of sense, the judge used the “genie in a bottle” technique stating that if they allowed Obama to process and grant amnesty to these five million illegal aliens prior to the trial being settled, what would happen if the administration lost the case? There would be no way to get the social security cards, the green cards, the voter ID cards, and the money the administration was going to front them, back. It all made sense.

That’s one reason why the administration, even though they were very quick to say that they were going for an emergency appeal to the fifth circuit court of appeals in New Orleans, haven’t done it yet. As far as my sources are concerned, no one in New Orleans has seen this appeal from Obama yet. Could it be they’re realizing that it was more than a grandstand play and they really wouldn’t have a leg to stand on?

One thing is becoming clear with this administration, from “If you like your doctor you can keep him”, to the telling America that the judge in Texas was dead wrong in issuing a stay for illegal immigrants, we’ve been lied to. I don’t know how you feel about being lied to, but I was always taught you don’t trust a liar. You can’t believe what they say, and you’re better off not dealing with them at all.

I wonder what would happen if we gave Obama the same treatment that he gave the congress and the rest of us. We just decide that what he says doesn’t matter and we’re not going to follow his directives any more. If the whole country (well, the GOP and Independents anyway) did that, his ideas would go down in flames.

What’s good for the Bobo is good for the gander!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Permission from Desert Musing for Lorra B. to post in it’s entierty


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