ISIS Releases Disturbing Video of a “Young CUB” Executing an “Israeli Spy”

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

March 11, 2015

Mad World News:

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released a disturbing video, using one of their 10-year-old “young cubs” to execute a Palestinian for being an “Israeli spy.”

After Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam’s taped confession, they show a propaganda video that ends with showing the “young cub” being handed a gun, a hand pulling the trigger at point blank range, and the young boy pointing the gun in the air and yelling, “Allah Akbar,” before lowering the gun and putting another round in Musallam’s corpse. In the end the 19-year-old Palestinian is dead.

While most media outlets are stressing the “confession” and execution of an “Israeli-Arab” that ISIS says was a Mossad (Israel’s version of the CIA), the family tells of a very different story. They skip through a lot of the details, including both the father and the brother, which he blames in the 13 minute full version being Palestinians from Jerusalem. Even a reporter granted an interview before the execution highly doubted the story.

Musallam was a 19-year-old firefighter that told his family he had some extended training he had to attend just three short months ago. While his brother, Ahmed, claims that he drew some anti-Daesh cartoons and posted them, other friends claim he sent out pro-Islamic State messages on social media before his disappearance. The police offered the explanation to the family that he had gone to Turkey and through the border into Syria to fight beside ISIS. This shocked the brother, who then saw photos of his brother with a beard and battle dress.

He had traveled to Turkey, then to Syria, of his own accord. He soon fell out of love with what ISIS was doing and made the mistake of a phone call to his father asking for money to get out of Syria. That’s when ISIS insurgents caught him and arrested him for spying. He’s now dead after a confession and execution at the hands of a 10-year-old boy.

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Disclaimer: This was not written by Lorra B.

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