Speaking of Senate Messages to Iran, Let’s Look at What Obama Did in 2008

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

March 14, 2015

Mad World News:  Since people are talking about 47 Senators sending a message to Iran, we should talk about a real treasonous message from a Senator in 2008.

It seems there’s a great deal of anger and frustration from the Obama administration that 47 Senators signed a letter, explaining the Constitution to Iran. It seems that the left would like you to think it is treason, although seven times Democrats went behind the president’s back to “advise” our enemies. While the list includes actual treason by Teddy Kennedy making a deal with the KGB, there is a sitting world leader that committed actual treason with Iran in a secret eighth time they went behind the president’s back since 1983.

According to foreign policy analyst Michael Ledeen and verified by Ambassador William G. Miller’s activities, a Senator sent more then a letter to Iran, telling them not to agree to a deal with then President George W Bush. He sent a personal emissary to Tehran to advise the  mullahs not to sign with President Bush as they would have a much more Iranian friendly tone from the next president once President Bush was out of office. He assured them that they would be very happy with the next president’s policies. That Senator was himself a presidential candidate in 2008.

That Senator was none other then Senator Barrack H. Obama.

Perhaps Biden’s loophole in making his 36-year representation is that the message Senator Obama allegedly sent was not in written form. It was a verbal message delivered to Tehran’s leadership by Ambassador William G. Miller, who assured an enemy who was at war with us that a President Obama would be much more amicable to deal with. (Breitbart)

President Obama from the beginning of the negotiations stated that this deal was going to be his way or not at all, even before the Israel Prime Minister spoke before Congress. He has made it quite clear that he will use Executive Action to achieve his goals, regardless of the fact that they don’t align with the goals of the people of the United States. There were rumors that President Obama would get as close to a treaty as possible without an actual treaty that requires 67 Senators to approve, knowing he will have a problem getting a bad deal with Iran approved by a Republican-controlled Senate. John Kerry even slipped when trying to chastise the Senators by saying that it was not a “binding deal,” meaning this would occur by executive fiat.

This “bad deal” has been brewing for a long time. Ambassador Miller has confirmed his conversations with Iranian leaders during the 2008 campaign. Since becoming president, Obama has worked with Iran through four channels, and each can be confirmed: Iraq, Switzerland (the official U.S. representative to Tehran), Oman, and a variety of American intermediaries, the most notable of whom is probably Valerie Jarrett, his closest adviser. Many Middle Eastern leaders have confirmed personal visits from Jarrett that included briefing them on her work efforts to “manage” the Iranian relationship to the US.

The reason is quite frighteningly treasonous.

This was confirmed to me by a former high-ranking American official who says he was so informed by several Middle Eastern leaders.

The central theme in Obama’s outreach to Iran is his conviction that the United States has historically played a wicked role in the Middle East, and that the best things he can do for that part of the world is to limit and withdraw American military might and empower our self-declared enemies, whose hostility to traditional American policies he largely shares. (Michael Ledeen)

When you put the pieces together it starts making sense. We know President Obama has had secret meetings with Hamas and even provided them weapons which is against Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution. We know of his involvement in the overthrow of both Mubarak and Gaddafi to include weapons to al-Qaeda aligned forces. We know he is still animate about re-instating the Muslim Brotherhood back to power in Egypt. We know about the five terrorists for Burgdahl. We know about supplying weapons to the FSA and to ISIS. We know about the premature pull out of Iraq and wanting to go to war with Assad. We know of his utter contempt for Israel. We know of his twisting of history to praise Muslims, while shaming Christians worldwide.

Throw in what is happening domestically here at home. We know of his military purges. We know of his contempt for veterans. We know of his involvement in the open border scandal. We know of his “executive amnesty” plan. We know of his involvement in race baiting. We know of the ever-growing list of what he likes to call “phony scandals.” It is a clear-cut case of weakening us from within.

It’s not a matter of if he will potentially subject us to a nuclear Iran who wants the US wiped out. It just a matter of when.

More at Mad World News:

Disclaimer: This was not written by Lorra B.

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