Veteran Wraps Baby in American Flag, Photo Sparks Controversy

(Screenshot Credit, We The People)

(Screenshot Credit, We The People)

March 19, 2015

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Few if any who volunteer to serve their country by joining the military do so for the flag.

The flag is an important symbol, of the freedoms we enjoy in America, we fight for our country the freedom it still provides and our squad members.

God bless you Vanessa and you taking such a memorable shot. 


Center fielder Rick Monday rescues the flag at Dodger Stadium

May it be remembered with the one above.

Jim Campbell

This morning while watching Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel, I saw the picture of a U.S. Navy veteran cradling a baby in an American flag.  My first thought was – what an absolutely beautiful photo!  But then, a whole lot of controversy was being discussed when people on Face Book objected to the photo.

I was so glad that Elizabeth Hasselbeck interviewed the photographer, Vanessa Hicks, who is also a Navy veteran.

Good for Vanessa Hicks for not taking down the photo and for defending her actions on this issue! Her explanation in that video interview says it all!!!

I wonder…if the baby had instead been an aborted fetus, would the progressive leftist pro-death-to-babies-in-the-womb maniacs have stayed silent about the photo? Would they have accepted it as some sort of “artsy” and “free speech” issue? Or even worse, would they have cheered about it?

Think I’m being too “mean”  against the Planned Parenthood types? See Planned Parenthood supporter at an El Centro City Council meeting on March 4, 2015, Marcus Jay Shapiro was asked to leave the meeting for threatening a pro-life pastor. Shapiro yelled “Hail Satan!” as he was being escorted out by police.

Disclosure: Not written by Lorra B.

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