Ben Carson Describes Obama In ONE Word & Liberals Are Going NUTS About It

Ben CarsonMarch 25, 2015

Mad World News: by Robert Rich 

As 2016 is just around the corner, the left is trying to do anything they can in order to demonize the right and boy did they recently kick the hornet’s nest. With just one word used to describe President Obama, Ben Carson has effectively sent the liberals into a tizzy.

The remarks were made known via a GQ profile on Carson. The former surgeon called President Obama a “psychopath” during his January State of the Union address. Although its unknown if Carson knew the conversation was being recorded, his assessment was made in the company of good friend Armstrong Williams – a conservative columnist.

As described by GQ’s Jason Zengerle, the two had an exchange during the speech.

“He looks good,” Williams said. “He looks clean. Shirt’s white. The tie. He looks elegant.”

“Like most psychopaths,” Carson grumbled. “That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

The newly public remark is just one of the few examples Zengerle brought up, trying to tie Carson’s rise in politics to that of the extremist right wing. Of course, inflated comments, such as calling the president a “psychopath,” seem to be a little nutty when taken at face value – and when it comes to the left, we’d expect no different.

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

5 thoughts on “Ben Carson Describes Obama In ONE Word & Liberals Are Going NUTS About It

    • Wouldn’t that be something?!? Maybe if people knew they were gonna be called out on the table for their crapola they/we would think twice before acting a fool (or whatever it may be)… Then again, some peeps just don’t give two-chits what others think…just saying… Blah… Guess I’m cranky today. LOL 🙂

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