6 1/2 Years Of Obama Chao… 1 1/2 Years To Go…

dMarch 27, 2015

Cry and Howl:

Six and a half years into the biggest disaster in U.S. history what do we have to show for it?

We have 600,000 “unscreened” people from dangerous Muslim nations immigrated here.

The nations of which have been participating in the nuclear agreement with Iran are appalled with the concessions the United States have given up, agreeing Obama and company are paving the way for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. So in return Obama threatens our allies.

We have FEMA threatening to deny disaster relief to states whose governors don’t buy into the hoax of global warming. You know, that same global warming that is going to turn women into prostitutes.

The “healthy lunches” that Michelle Obama demands our kids to eat just don’t seem to be that healthy … or maybe they were short on protein.

We’ve got team Obama declassifying Israel’s nuclear weapons program and publishing it for the public to see. What could be the harm in that?

We’ve got a freaking lunatic posing as “president” who is endangering the entire world.

Black on white crime is ridiculously out of control.

Obama-care is a complete failure … which it was designed to be in the first place.

I heard the Iranian president sent a letter to Obama. Obama, Mr. Transparency, refuses to disclose it’s contents or his reply.

The team Obama wants to ban a popular caliber of ammunition … just a test to see how far he can get in his quest to render useless private firearms.

Instead of exporting manufacturing jobs, we’re importing cheap labor, laying off Americans after they train the cheap labor.


Anyway, there is way too much stuff open borders, diseases, corruption, perversion, spying on U.S. citizens, voting fraud, etc. etc. and who do we have to look forward to? Hillary Clinton
I’m glad I’m from Texas … Have a great weekend!

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