The U.S. Seafood And Retail Industry React To Slave-Fish Report

dMarch 27, 2015

#AceNewsReport – Featured Update:WASHINGTON:March.26: The US State Department and business leaders are renewing their call on the Thai government to crack down on slavery in its fishing fleets.

The bones of the people could be an island, it’s that many.” RT

Reuters / Bazuki Muhammad

The US seafood and retail industries and a member of Congress reacted to an AP investigation published this week that found slave-caught fish clouds the supply networks of major supermarkets and restaurants in the US.

Hundreds of men were reportedly trapped on the Indonesian island of Benjina.

There are an estimated two to three million migrant workers in Thailand, the bulk of whom are from Burma (now known as Myanmar), the US State Department noted in its annualTrafficking in Persons (TIP) report.

In 2013, the report listed Thailand as a member of the Tier 2 Watch List, it’s second-worst designation, meaning its government does not meet the standards laid out in the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (originally passed by Congress in 2000), “but are making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards,” yet slave labor is still increasing, according to the report’s definitions and methodology.

The industry leaders in the past have asked the Thai government to address forced labor, but have lacked specific allegations.

Let us hope this time that this sudden re-emergence of US interest is not just a profit related rouse, but do not hold your breath! This time they have their proof and can act – lets hope they do.

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Disclaimer: Not written by Lorra B.

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