American Neighborhoods A LOT Less Safe After What Obama Just Did

(Screenshot Credit, Fox News)

(Screenshot Credit, Fox News)

April 2, 2015

Mad World News:

by Amanda Shea

Things are looking up for 22 hardened criminals in America’s judicial system with a president in office who is more concerned about ensuring fairness for felons than he is about keeping our streets safe. Barack Obama is handing out ‘get out of jail free’ cards to 22 kingpin drug dealers, eight of which were supposed to be in the slammer for life. But now, they can get back to work committing crimes and supplying crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin to all the addicts and soon-to-be addicts.

The president refuses to do anything about protecting our borders, and now with tossing 22 drug dealers into the mix, it seems he’s pulling out all the stops to leave the country in an utter disaster when he finally ends his reign of destruction in 2016.

USA Today reported that the eight criminals, who had been delegated to life behind bars, had their sentences commuted to make the judicial system more fair by reducing “harsh” sentences that were handed down when sentencing for such crimes was more strict. Had they been convicted of drug trafficking today, they wouldn’t be serving life in prison, so Obama is allowing them out as early as this July. What a nice guy!

On the surface, clemency seems like a good idea to some, who claim it’s necessary to reduce the cost the prison system imposes on taxpayers. But it seems there are better ways to alleviate the country’s bills than to let criminals run free and put citizens and children at risk. Not to mention, where there is reduced sentencing, there’s even less reason not to commit a crime, if the punishment isn’t so bad and doesn’t outweigh the reward of making tons of cash selling narcotics. Commutation leaves the conviction in place and ends the punishment, but that’s a win for felons who don’t care about having a conviction, since they aren’t necessarily going to get out and hit the job market.

American Neighborhoods A LOT Less Safe After What Obama Just Did

According to White House counsel Neil Eggleston, these 22 poor guys have already served enough time and paid their debt to society, so it’s time to let them out into the free world. “Many were convicted under an outdated sentencing regime, they served years — in some cases more than a decade — longer than individuals convicted today of the same crime,” Eggleston said in a post on the White House blog. The counsel also noted that this action is part of Obama’s “commitment to using all the tools at his disposal to bring greater fairness and equity to our justice system.”

Good to know where the president’s priorities are — in all the wrong places.

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

6 thoughts on “American Neighborhoods A LOT Less Safe After What Obama Just Did

  1. Let’s see…Lois Lerner gets off without so much as a slap…8 kingpin drug dealers get their sentences commuted… and Bob Menendez gets hit with 14 charges of corruption??? Yeah…his priorities are in the right place!

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