*UPDATE* – Walter Scott Shooting Witness, Feidin Santana, Speaks Out – *UPDATE: The Professional Handler Steps In…

(Screenshot Credit, The Last Refuge)

(Screenshot Credit, The Last Refuge)

April 9, 2015

The Last Refuge:

Many interesting aspects to what this eye witness saw before the video began and after the video was completed. Witness interview begins at 01:18

Walter Scott “running from the auto-parts store“? “Wrestling on the ground“? Mr. Scott “being tazed during struggle“? Etc.

Of course none of that negates what is seen in the video; nor does it essentially change the absence of justification; but it does, well, broaden the picture somewhat…. Your thoughts?

update-1UPDATE: WOAH !! Talk about broadening the picture – Video’s removed? Social Media Scrubbed? An “unknown” passenger in the vehicle of Walter Scott when it was pulled over by Officer Michael Slager?….

….and, wait for it…. all of a sudden we find out that Scott Family attorney Chris Stewart has been working with Ryan Julison?


Ryan julison close[…]  Police say the driver of the Mercedes-Benz, Walter Scott, was pulled over Saturday morning for a broken tail light. At some point after the traffic stop, video taken by a bystander shows Scott running away from officer Michael Slager.

[…] As Slager was in a foot chase with Scott, another officer secured Slager’s car and spoke to the passenger in Scott’s vehicle, according to police reports. The passenger was not identified in the police reports and it’s not clear who was riding with Scott.

Scott’s family does not know who the passenger was, Ryan Julison, a spokesman for family lawyer Chris Stewart said in an email. (link)


#WalterScott famhas media rep. coordinating interviews, Ryan Julison, said he doesn’t know why national favoritedover local #chsnews

— Melissa Boughton(@mboughtonPC) April 8, 2015

Now we know why, how and for what purpose eye witness Feidin Santana is doing the New York media circuit. No doubt AT ALL there is far, far more to this story than has previously been CLAIMED !!

How did Orlando, Florida based Ryan Julison get connected to the family of Walter Scott in South Carolina?  How did attorney Chris Stewart get connected to Ryan Julison?

Julison is the go-to guy when the professional black grievance industry needs to fabricate a false story and sell lies to the media.   Julison is the guy who cleans up problems with a narrative, and constructs fraud.  Julison is also the handler who shapes the witnesses.

Julison is by profession, the bridge between a lie and selling that lie to the national media – it’s all he does.

It was Ryan Julison who created the new ethnicity in the Trayvon Martin shooting as “White Hispanic”.  It was Ryan Julison who sold the 72 hour story of an “unarmed child getting skittles and iced tea, shot down by a vigilante white neighborhood watch guy named George Zimmerman.

Julison is responsible for “hoodies”; for “skittles and iced-tea”, and for every catch phrase in the manufactured storyline of Trayvon Martin.  Julison is the guy who made it seem like Sybrina and Tracy Martin were a married couple mourning their lost little boy.

Mellon Park Rally 3

Trayvon presser 2

Ryan Julison is the “handler”, the guy who originates the lies….  he then plants them in the media storyline.

Stay tuned…

Permission was given to by The Last Refuge to Lorra B. to post articles in their entirety.

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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