White House Swipes At Netanyahu With Tweet Of Iran Bomb Diagram

dApril 9, 2015

Fox News:

The White House took an apparent swipe at Benjamin Netanyahu on Twitter Wednesday, posting a diagram similar to one used by the Israeli prime minister — only this time, using it to defend the Iran nuclear deal.

The White House tweet included a cartoonish sketch of a bomb. On the left side were the supposed consequences of not striking a deal, including resumed production of highly enriched uranium and no limits on that stockpile. On the right side were the supposed benefits of a deal, including “no production or stockpile of highly enriched uranium.”

The sketch appeared to be almost identical to the one held up by Netanyahu during a 2012 United Nations speech. In that address, he warned of the consequences of a nuclear-armed Iran and urged the world to prevent that outcome — holding up the bomb diagram and, dramatically, drawing a red line near the top.

The White House diagram includes the same red line and reads, “Under the framework for an Iran nuclear deal, Iran’s uranium enrichment pathway to a weapon will be shut down.”


In the tweet, the fuse of the bomb is being cut with scissors.

More at Fox News

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Silent Soldier.

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