The Walter Scott Shooting Backstory Begins To Surface – A Newer, Bolder, Julison Strategy….

dApril 10, 2015

The Last Refuge:

When the Walter Scott Scheme Team looks back on what tripped them up in 2015 they’ll be able to point to one decision, hiring Ryan Julison.

Without Julison appearing – the Walter Scott story would have slipped under the radar; it would perhaps have appeared natural, without screenplay.

But as soon as Julison is identified, and for those who know immediately what to look for, you see the guiding hand of the Producer/Director.

If I write “Skittles and Ice Tea” and you know what that means, you know Ryan Julison.
If I write “White-Hispanic” and you know what that means, you know Ryan Julison.

You might not know who he is, but you have mentally purchased his products.

Because Ryan Julison is the guy who arrives at the request of the Black Grievance Industry advocates, and quickly frames the optics, narratives and memes to place the deepest possible “hooks” (<– his word) into the public psyche. Julison guides who goes where, when, and who does what.

julison 4

Here he is coordinating Team Trayvon, in Sanford 2012, the NAACP, Al Sharpton etc. along with the New Black Panthers and Scheme Team lawyers.

julison 2

Here he is again at the office of Martin Family Attorney Natalie Jackson as he was selling faux witnesses. Julison is exceptional at witness construction, it is, well, his forte.

julison 3

Witness Feidin Santana (video guy) and Witness Gwen Nichols (“tussle time” gap filler) are screenplay narratives currently being controlled by Ryan Julison.

When Walter Scott shooting video witness, Feidin Santana, arrived on Matt Lauer’s couch yesterday it was because Ryan Julison put him there.

At the end of the New York media day when Feidin Santana was being debriefed by Walter Scott family attorneys and Scheme Team players, it’s because Julison is debriefing the strategy and scripting what’s next for today.

How They Come Together – For this 2015 performance video witness Santana has an attorney to watch over him, the lawyer is Todd Rutherford. Todd Rutherford and Ryan Julison are connected to this story by Benjamin Crump. (Example Connection Story Here)

EVOLVING – The Scheme Team know the visibility of Crump in Ferguson worked against their interests because we were on to them. So for the 2015 program they are trying to pull it off with Crump staying behind the stage curtain.
We should pause at this moment to state we hold no opinion as to the actual shooting itself. For us, just like for you, the initial video of Officer Slager shooting Walter Scott is alarming. It certainly seems like Slager shoots Scott for no reason. Perhaps Slager should have just let Scott run away. Perhaps he should have chased him. That’s the initial reaction. That’s our initial reaction.

But just like Julison himself, there’s much, much more to events than just that video.

When you understand how much more there is to know – you’ll understand why Julison was needed.

♦ If you believe Officer Michael Slager was “planting evidence” – You are being influenced by Julison, just like the 2012 Iced-Tea which never existed.

♦ If you believe there is a discrepancy between Officer Slager’s incident report and the video of witness Feidin Santana – You are being influenced by Julison, just like the “white-Hispanic” racial descriptive which never existed before March 2012.

♦ If you already believe the North Charleston police never gave medical aid to Walter Scott – you are purchasing narrative goods sold by Ryan Julison.

  • Slager was not planting evidence – he knew he was on video
  • No-one has read Slager’s incident report – it’s never been released
  • and the police did CPR within a minute.

walter scott aid

Yes, that’s the police giving CPR to Walter Scott as Slager is following protocol and turning over his firearm and the retrieved taser to the scene responder.  Julison’s screenplay doesn’t hold up if you learn these facts. Nor does his narrative advance if you begin to question the production.

TROUBLE FOR JULISON – Julison’s current priority is the passenger in Walter Scott’s vehicle.  [Well, actually Walter Scott’s neighbors vehicle – Scott didn’t own the vehicle].  As Scott family attorney Chris Stewart said yesterday they are urgently searching for the passenger of the vehicle who was with Scott when he was pulled over.

This is a priority because Julison needs to ensure Mr. Mystery Passenger does not do anything, or say anything, which will hurt the production.  He will be put under extreme community pressure to comply with the selected story.

Secondly, the Dash Cam video was/is a problem for Julison because it shows a remarkable length of time from Scott running away, to the time Santana started recording him fighting with Officer Slager.

That long fight -we know is at least 1 min 45 sec- is a risk to the narrative.

walter scott map 1

That long fight makes Scott a violent fleeing felon in the eyes of the law.  That long fight provides the justification for use of deadly force against a “violent fleeing felon“.  That long fight is why you don’t hear the full dash-cam video/audio from beginning to end without MSM edits.

Enter witness Gwen Nicols to give the “tussle” story.  Downplaying the fight from a matter of life and death with a taser being deployed, and felony resistance etc., and making it more of a “tussle” – sounds like a pillow fight.

“Tussle” is the tell word for this shooting event like “iced tea” was for 2012 and Trayvon Martin.  Listen for it.   When you hear it, you know the orator is selling the Julison production.

walter scott tazer

Witness Feidin Santana will trip up if he keeps talking – Julison knows this too.  Don’t expect too much more Santana after the next 24 hours.

On Wednesday night Santana had his first slip up when he told a Chris Hayes interviewerthat he went to the police station to fill out a report. Julison quickly put the nix on that and Santana reversed himself for Matt Lauer the next morning saying he never went to the Police Station.

walter scott witness

Obviously Julison knows police stations have CCTV video, and if you claim to have walked in there to fill out a report, well, it might just be checked out for accuracy.  Obviouslycontrolling avoiding such slips is what Santana’s attorney Todd Rutherford is being paid for.

Close call.

Permission was given to Lorra B. by The Last Refuge to post articles in their entirety.

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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