Hillary Clinton Delivers Insult To Everyday Americans: ‘Suck It’

dApril 16, 2015

Mad World News:

There’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton is a snob and an elitist that believes We the People are not worthy of her time, but unfortunately, she needs our pesky votes for her 2016 intentions. In order to do that, she’s been seen amid the people, but she’s been waving a big middle finger around the entire time.

First, Mad World News reported that Hillary stopped for lunch at a Chipotle restaurant in Toledo, Ohio and was terribly embarrassed on account of not being recognized by a single person. However, new reports indicate that Hillary did something that wasn’t so proper.

The issue was first pointed out by Rush Libaugh on Tuesday, who, after pointing out her unusual etiquette, then questioned:

I would like to know if she left anything in the tip jar, because that would be an indication that she understands the average, ordinary, everyman that she seeks to represent. I mean, that’s where the people that work at Chipotle, that’s where they make a little extra, in the tip jar, and I haven’t heard a word about whether or not she visited the tip jar, whether she put anything in it or not.

In a big “suck it” to everyday Americans everywhere, Bloomberg Politics reports that she didn’t tip.

“Her bill was $20 and some change, and they paid with $21 and left,” explained Chipotle manager Charles Wright, saying she put nothing in the tip jar. Of course, they only learned that after going back and watching the surveillance camera footage, since they didn’t recognize her when she was actually in the restaurant.


He then said that tipping is common practice among patrons, saying, “We get a bunch of tips. If we’re doing our job right, people tip.” In another not-so-shocking admission, apparently Hillary couldn’t be bothered to pay for herself either, as Wright went on to point out, “The other lady paid the bill. Clinton didn’t pay.”

More at Mad World News:

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Delivers Insult To Everyday Americans: ‘Suck It’

  1. From Jim Cambell at We The People wrote: “Could not post a comment, could you?…. YOU my friend are the best another great find. Hillary Clinton has no idea how to relate to real people from the real world as she’s never been around her. Taking it my way and blogging it there, thanks Ms. Lorra” Thanks Jim… 🙂


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