Obama’s Pentagon Caught In Mass Murder Of US Troops Coverup

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

April 24, 2015

Mad World News:

by Brandon Walker

On April 27, 2011, just months before the bungled Extortion 17 made headlines, America suffered a loss eerily similar to the Ft. Hood Massacre at the hands of an Afghanistan colonel overseas. New damning details are emerging on the incident that indicate the Pentagon swept major evidence under the rug. Investigative reports indicate that they not only hid details about the Afghanistan Air Force colonel that did it, but he was paid to kill our troops.

It was labeled one of the biggest “green on blue” attacks in the Afghanistan war. These attacks of Afghanistan insurgents and terrorists dressing in military uniform to kill US troops have been “trending,” according to the Pentagon. Despite our “allies” in Afghanistan being probed for drug running and other corruption, President Obama and his Pentagon has insisted on U.S. Soldiers training and working with troops that they can not trust. This has resulted in the mass murder of several of our military members.

On April 27, 2011, several U.S. troops paid the price for this. Afghanistan Colonel Ahmad Gul walked into the U.S. Air Force office area. He pulled out his gun and killed eight U.S. Air Force personnel and a U.S. Civilian contractor. The armed Afghanistan troops in the area did nothing to stop him and received no injuries. Some of those personnel had just arrived in country to investigate the corruption in the Afghanistan forces working beside our military.

The cover up of the incident by the Pentagon started almost immediately. The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) was not allowed on the scene for four days. Gul was found later with two bullet wounds to the chest. It was initially reported as a suicide, but the story changed as more details of how he was found leaked to the press.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the effect found in their own reports, the Pentagon claimed to find no conclusive evidence of Taliban involvement — even though the terror group immediately claimed credit for the attack. (PJ Media)

The Pentagon stated the investigation also could establish no link between the massacre and alleged abuses by the Afghan air force to transport drugs and weapons around the country. Multiple CENTCOM and Air Force investigations claimed to find no motive for the attack. The family begged for closure, and something didn’t sit right. Finally, at the end of 2014, a whistle blower came forward, believing it was a paid set up.

Six months later, it turns out the whistle blower was absolutely correct. While the US claimed there was no motive, a United Nations team tracked substantial payments to the killer and his family that were made days prior to the incident.

It all came down to following the money.

It shouldn’t come as a shock, but the Pentagon played their hand when they wrote a baffling report, giving the motive for the mass murder, then later stating there was no motive. The report has several witnesses all claiming the same thing, yet the official “reports” all determined Gul’s motives were “elusive”?

Witnesses told investigators that Gul became increasingly radical in his religious views in the years leading up to the shooting and was deeply angry at the U.S. invasion of his home country — even saying on more than one occasion that he “wanted to kill Americans” (Air Force Times)

Now, we have reports from the U.N., and a task force leader, who was investigating corruption, coming forward and stating that Gul was a paid hit man. It was determined that Gul received at least $50,000 from a used car lot in Afghanistan just prior to the killings. More payments followed, right up to his death. Someone was also paying off his gambling debts, which was thought to be in the hundreds of thousands.

“The use of used car dealerships throughout Afghanistan, Persian Gulf and their connections in Pakistan and Iran are widely known among Afghan and U.S. intelligence,” said the former senior Afghan official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. (TheBlaze)

It’s not that all of the “green on blue” attacks stopped after they found Gul’s body either. They have escalated for the years since the cover up. In January of this year, three Americans and an Afghan military official were killed in another deadly shooting at the Kabul airport. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Muhajid said on Twitter that the attacker was an “infiltrator … from Laghman province working inside Kabul airport” and that “infiltrator was martyred by return fire.”

This month, 22-year-old John Dawson from the 101st Airborne was killed during an escort mission by “friendly fire.”

Since they have started looking into these killings, and the investigation led to the money trail on Gul, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Sally Stenton says that the Pentagon is either inept or lying. I don’t believe that our military leaders are that inept. This could very well be the same tactics that lead to the bungled Extortion 17 a few months after Gul killed our men at their desks. The Taliban has threatened even more attacks.

How many more cover ups and deaths of soldiers do we have to take before they either untie our military’s hands and let them do their jobs, or bring our boys and girls home?

(h/t: Freedom Outpost)

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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