It Begins – Baltimore High Schools Coordinate “Unity Riot” – Social Media Plans For Students Converged On Downtown… LIVE FEED

dApril 27, 2015

The Last Refuge:

update-1UPDATE: Several Baltimore Police officers injured. Riots continue today as the looting and violence increases.

6:45pm Baltimore Orioles baseball game cancelled.

6:30pm CVS Store set on fire, fire hoses cut when attempts by BFD to put out

(play vid).


6:00pm – Maryland governor issues “Sternly worded letter”.

baltimore hs sternly worded letter

6:10pm – CVS Pharmacy Looters find out about Governor Hogan’s sternly worded letter:

baltimore hs rx on sidewalk

Kids these days:

baltimore hs kid 5

baltimore hs kid 4

baltimore hs kid 2

baltimore hs kid 3

baltimore hs kid 1

baltimore hs cop face

The Baltimore Mayors office is now in a full blown panic. After Baltimore Mayor gave permission to the protesters to “damage” the city, and gave approval for violence against officers, she is now trying to walk back the approvals:

Baltimore mayor statement

This is a breaking situation. Bloods and Crips have joined with the Nation of Islam and local gangs. They are planning widespread chaos throughout the evening. More below;

baltimore hs looting

baltimore hs police fire 2

baltimore hs police fire

Freddie Gray’s funeral in Baltimore Maryland was earlier today. Oddly several local officials paid their respects to Freddie Gray by taking selfies, and having their picture taken with the open funeral casket. (Not sure, but apparently this must be a culturally ok Baltimore thing)

However, multiple social media reports show that local students and professional agitators, local anarchists, have plans to use the publicity surrounding the funeral to generate support for their violent uprising. (live video feed below)

baltimore hs 1Moments ago – large group of juveniles and police in riot gear clashed near Mondawmin Mall on Monday afternoon, while the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and numerous downtown businesses closed early out of fears of violence downtown.

Lexington Market, a city courthouse and businesses including T. Rowe Price and Venable LLP said police warned them of large gatherings and protests downtown, days after protests over the death of Freddie Gray turned destructive.

According to widely circulated flier, a high school “purge” was to take place at 3 p.m., starting at Mondawmin Mall and ending downtown. Such memes have been known to circulate regularly among city school students, based on a film “The Purge,” about what would happen if all laws were lifted. (read more)

Here’s a live feed to show you what’s going on:

Disclaimer: This was not written by Lorra B.

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