Vet Confronts Punk Disrespecting The Flag, His Reaction Is ENRAGING [Video]

dApril 27, 2015

Mad World News:

It’s no secret that our “higher” education facilities in America have become nothing more than indoctrination centers to brainwash the masses into believing twisted liberal ideologies, but people are getting fed up with it, especially those who fought to defend our rights. So when a real man, also a veteran, saw a little snot-nosed college punk disrespecting our flag, he decided to do something about it.

Video has surfaced showing the confrontation between a man, believed to be a veteran, and a student at Valdosta State University in Georgia, and the veteran handles it perfectly. However, according to TheBlaze, the little punk’s reaction when the veteran confronts him is angering and shows us the dangers of the entitlement mentality.

CONTENT WARNING: Strong Language

According to LiveLeak, the student was standing on the flag just before the retired sergeant major approached him and berated his disgusting act. Like the coward he is, the student couldn’t even look the sergeant in the eyes as he supposedly took his stand against the very flag that enabled him to receive his “higher” education.

“Dude, if you know my heritage,” the veteran said. “I guara-damn-tee you, we’ll set you straight.”

Still looking away from the enraged vet, the little puke said to him, “I’m right here. If you’re mad about it, do something.”

The vet’s voice starts to get louder at this point, as it’s clear his anger is beginning to boil over. The vet said that he wouldn’t “waste” his time or energy hitting the student, however, he had best not disrespect the flag again, yielding an abhorrent response.

“I’ll burn one tomorrow,” the student said.

At this point, the sergeant is barely able to contain himself, and it shows. However, he showed amazing restraint in not hauling off and pummeling the little punk, as many of us would haveloved to see.

“You just try it, over my dead body!” the vet replied before appropriately calling the student a “maggot.”

The sad reality is that the student likely has no idea why he even hates the flag, he probably just hates it because that’s what his liberal professors have told him to do. Last I checked, our nation provides more opportunity, more freedom, and more blessings than every other nation out there, and this entitled punk is proof of that, yet he “hates” our country so much that he’s willing to completely disrespect it and our symbol of freedom to make his point.

Personally, I think if people hate America so much, maybe they should buy a one-way ticket to Great Britain or another nation which is ruled by liberal emotion and going down the drain faster than imaginable. But that will never happen, and it’s for a simple reason – even though these people hate America, they know damn well they’re not going to have it better anywhere else. But rather than be appreciative, they think they deserve even better or at least “better” in their minds.

More at Mad World News

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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