Get Ready For Blasphemy Law Making Islamic Criticism “Aggravated Crime”

Ed Miliband hopes legislation will pass that charges anyone who criticizes Islam with an “aggravated crime. (Screenshot credit, Mad World News)

Ed Miliband hopes legislation will pass that charges anyone who criticizes Islam with an “aggravated crime.
(Screenshot credit, Mad World News)

April 28, 2015

Mad World News:

There are those who are so deeply devoted to raising the Caliphate that they will infiltrate the education system, media, and government in order to assist in implementing Sharia law; then, there are those who are so ignorant or blinded to the goal of the ummah that they are perfect pawns for Islamists to manipulate into spreading the intolerance of Islam. Unfortunately, the West is riddled with both, and the same laws that have turned tens of countries back into 7th century wastelands threaten our very own democracy.

According to an interview by The Muslim News, the British Labour Party is vowing to enforce pending legislation that will make any criticism or action that puts Islam in a negative light an aggravated crime, punishable with prison time and/or hefty fines.

“We are going to make it an aggravated crime. We are going to make sure it is marked on people’s records with the police to make sure they root out Islamophobia as a hate crime,” Miliband told the Editor of The Muslim News.

“We are going to change the law on this so we make it absolutely clear of our abhorrence of hate crime and Islamophobia. It will be the first time that the police will record Islamophobic attacks right across the country,” he said.

Labour Party Manifesto pledged to take a “zero-tolerance approach to hate crime” regarding the growth of Islamophobia as well as anti-Semitism. “We will challenge prejudice before it grows, whether in schools, universities or on social media. And we will strengthen the law on disability, homophobic, and transphobic hate crime,” it said.

While Miliband mentioned nothing of punishment for anti-Semitism or Christianophobia, he did add that the motive for such action is that the Muslim community is an “incredibly important” and “incredibly rich.”

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. This is only in the UK, so, why should I be worried? Well, this type of Islamic legislation is not only across the pond. In fact, it’s much closer to home than you think.

Fifty-year-old Eric Brazau was sentenced to one year in jail for handing out a flier that “vilified Muslims and disparages their religion,” IBTimes reports.

Brazau was arrested after he denounced the Quran and condemned Islam’s intolerant, terrorist values. However, this didn’t happen in some Islamic country or even in the UK; Brazau was sentenced for criticizing Islam in Toronto, Canada.

Get Ready For The Blasphemy Law Making Islamic Criticism

The purpose of the tyrannical legislation isn’t to simply stop citizens from criticizing Islam, but to prevent us from speaking out against anything Muslims do. By falsely claiming that rape, pedophilia, and murder have nothing to do with Islam, the media and legislators prevent patriot activists from identifying and stopping terrorism.

While all of these reprehensible actions were committed by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, according to the Quran, Sunnah, and Hadith, simply being unable to openly identify the perpetrators and motivation ties the hands of security to properly prevent radicalism.

We must never play into this farce that Islamophobia is the reason for any and all opposition to Islam. The very idea that not wanting to instill medieval Sharia law is a problematic mental disorder is just another way to intimidate the enemies of Allah.

If this was really a true phobia, as Islamosympathizers like to throw around, it would be much more tolerated. Phobias are often thought to be irrational fears, but are also looked at as completely understandable since the sufferer cannot help the mental and behavioral disorder.

However, Islamophobia is not treated as such. It is simply name-calling used to intimidate the opposition into silence, deter warranted blame or suspicion from the aggressors, and provide seemingly intellectual and widely accepted terminology for a problem that doesn’t exist.

Hitler said it best: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” After all, who wants to seem like a racist, bigot, intolerant Islamophobe when the media, education system, and even our own elected officials are chastising it?

As tempting as it is to want everyone to like you, the price is democracy and freedom, as they don’t defend themselves. And, as every devout Islamist knows, the West’s democracy and freedom are the best tools for destroying democracy and freedom.

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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  1. As usual, I can’t leave a reply, but I say screw these guys and the camels they road in on. This of course will be overruled by the courts. Put them all on cruise ships destined for scrap and sink them. ME


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