‘Middle-Class Millennial Female’ Pens SCATHING Letter To Hillary Clinton

dMay 7, 2015

Mad World News:

Many people are wondering where Hillary Clinton stands with the demographic she’s targeting for her 2016 presidential run – middle-class women in the millennial generation. If the open letter to Clinton from someone within this group is any indication, then we can breathe a sigh of relief that they’re smarter than Clinton seems to think they are.

On Tuesday, National Review reporter Katherine Timpf penned the scathing letter to Clinton, lampooning her over her flip-flop positions regarding criminal justice reform while calling her out on her blatant lack of transparency, and it’s pure gold. As many of you know, last week Clinton made a bold statement during a speech, saying “it’s time to end the era of mass incarceration,” but when old Slick Willie was in office, she sang a much different tune, and Timpf didn’t forget.

You see, Timpf finds Hillary’s sudden change of opinion rather odd, considering her previous record at the White House as First Lady. So the snarky reporter decided that someone needed to call Clinton out for it, which she did in a masterful fashion.

Now, I do agree with that statement — and I don’t mean to be all judgies or whatever — but I gotta say I was pretty surprised to hear it coming from you. After all, your record seems to suggest that you do think that locking people up is the answer. During your time as First Lady, while Bill was enacting policies that provided funding to build more prisons and pushed states to adopt harsher sentencing laws, you cheered him on.

You made sure everyone knew that this “tough on crime” approach wasn’t just your husband’s — it was yours, too. During a speech in 1994, you said we need “more prisons” (why would you want more if you thought they did “little to reduce crime”?) and “more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders” (people like Freddie Gray, whose plight you now suddenly seem to sympathize with).

Timpf continued by bring attention to Hillary’s statement about the legal system being “stacked” against those with the least amount of power, which is again ironic considering her record. Timpf reminded Hillary of the past accusations of illegal activity, then wondered how Clinton would like to balance the scales.

Are you offering up the team that helped you through Benghazi and E-mailgate to help the next young black man who gets the book thrown at him for a drug offense in Baltimore? Or are you offering to face your next scandal with a public defender? What would make it fair? What do you propose?

The blistering letter concluded with Timpf asking Hillary about her own transparency, you know, because she suggested that every officer should wear a body camera to be transparent and accountable, neither of which Clinton actually is.

You also talked about wanting body cameras for police to record their every move, for the sake of “transparency and accountability.” I love this idea. Imagine being able to watch every single move that these officers make just to make sure that the people we trust with so much are serving us the way that they promised they would. Honestly, transparency sounds wonderful to me and to so many in my generation who are fed up with finding out that politician after politician has been lying to us and keeping secrets. I have to ask, though, if you want cops to turn over camera footage of every single moment of their shifts, why did you turn over only some of your e-mails from your time as secretary of state? What is the difference? After all, there must be one — I know how strong of an advocate you are for people just like me.

Ouch. Timpf absolutely nailed this one, and hopefully this is spread far and wide for the country to see, since those ignorant of Clinton’s past should be properly informed of who she is before casting a vote in her favor. Although while this letter is a great start, the sad reality is that what Timpf wrote only begins to scratch the surface of what Hillary has done, her hypocrisy, and her changing positions to pander to certain groups. Either way, it all points to the same thing – we can’t afford to have her in the White House in 2016. Period.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Timpf still hasn’t received a response from Hillary. Shocking, I say.

[H/T: TheBlaze]

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B. The original source can be found here.

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