UPDATES: George Zimmerman Shot At – *UPDATE* George Not Hit – White Male Shooter “Matt Apperson”, Known To Zimmerman…

dMay 11, 2015

The Last Refugeby

Numerous updates:  A shooting took place in Lake Mary Florida involving George Zimmerman, while George was there visiting family. The Shooter Identified As Same Whacko From 2014

update-1  4:30pm – “Lake Mary police spokeswoman Bianca Gillete said Zimmerman and Matthew Apperson were involved in the shooting, which took place about 12:45 p.m. on Lake Mary Boulevard near Rinehart Road, east of Interstate 4″… (link).

update-1  3:00pm – The shooter today is Matthew Apperson. 

Matt apperson

Matt Apperson is the same guy who tried to gain fame in September of 2014 by claiming that George Zimmerman waved a gun at him during a road rage incident.  (Full backstory of their prior two encounters outlined HERE)

EXERPT FROM SEPTEMBER 2014 – Apperson told a 911 dispatcher Tuesday morning that he was driving his Honda Accord on Lake Mary Boulevard, made a U-turn and headed west-bound when a Honda Ridgeline truck pulled alongside and someone inside rolled down his window.

“George Zimmerman was the driver, and they were threatening to kick my ___ and to shoot me,” Apperson told the dispatcher.

Apperson said he pulled into a Circle K to find a phone so he could call for help when the Ridgeline made a maneuver to block him and “almost hit my car.”

Zimmerman “said he was going to shoot me dead,” Apperson told the dispatcher (more)

It would appear that Matthew Apperson is a psycho-stalker trying to gain fame by circling around George Zimmerman, and provoking contact.

update-1•  Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West, said a bullet missed Zimmerman’s head, but his client was sprayed with glass from his vehicle’s windshield and other debris (link) • West said Zimmerman was not seriously injured and was treated and released from a hospital. • Witnesses told Local 6 that the driver of an Infiniti opened fire on Zimmerman, who turned into a retail center on Waymont Court to get help.  (link) • Shooter’s name: “Matthew (Matt) Apperson”.  George was visiting friends/family in Florida.

Live Feed Video Here

zimmerman-trial-023-061813WESH reports: George Zimmerman was involved in a shooting incident in Lake Mary on Monday afternoon, according to Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell. The shooting involved two men and happened on Lake Mary Boulevard, police said.

Officers at the scene said it appeared Zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound, Bracknell said. “He walked normally into the ambulance, so he wasn’t being helped or nothing,” said witness Ricardo Berrare. Chopper 2 video showed a bullet hole in the passenger window the vehicle Zimmerman was in. (link)

• Two Vehicles Involved • Lake Mary Blvd.

Single Bullet Hole in Passenger Side Window of George’s Truck

george truck

george truck 2

george truck 3

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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