AMERICA! SOUND THE ALARM! America’s Muslim Assimilation ?

Muslim Refugee American Processing Center

Muslim Refugee American Processing Center

May 18, 2015

By Lorra B. 


Here is something I found over at A MONTPELIER VIEW and it is well worth taking 4 Minutes out of your busy lives to give this a close look. What you find will either shock you, enrage you, terrify you or, if you are like many American, think it has nothing to do with you. 

If you happen to be the latter in the afore mentioned group of people described then you may be in for a very alarming awakening in the months and years to come. So….

Watch, listen, and decide for yourself…

By Lorra B.  (Hat Tip A MONTPELIER VIEW)

6 thoughts on “AMERICA! SOUND THE ALARM! America’s Muslim Assimilation ?

    • It sure makes a person’s head spin to think that we are “giving away the farm” as they say. Is everyone in government insane? The Founding Fathers are probably spinning in their graves watching political fools importing enemy combatants and their females so they can reproduce here at alarming rates and wage jihad on our own soil. All the while we will subsize them with perks, free bees, and housing so they can devote their total attention to jihad instead of having to worry about a job and all the stresses that working brings with it. After all we want well rested jihadists. Seriously, you can’t make this degree of stupidity up. 😳 This was a great article Starbeam. 😊

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  1. The fact that we are importing barbaric cult members into our society is frightening enough but then to learn that we will also be funding the lifestyles of these parasitic people is beyond disgusting. The UN is a worthless organization that should have been thrown out of this country years ago. As I understand it, we pay for the UN building and it’s functioning. So in other words, we are paying for our own demise through supposedly “Christian” organizations, the UN and our own twisted government’s evil intent. Amazing to think that we as a society are truly this clueless.

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    • Yes, astounding. But, we have been happily encouraged to stick our heads in the sand as the UN, and all world leader involved, have woven their weave of deceit. One World Order….hmmmmm….

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