Waco shootout: Media & Cops Treat Whites Better Than Blacks, Twittersphere Claims

dMay 19, 2015

Very good questions are being asked by AceNewsServices, along with others, about terminology being used to describe race among conflict. There seems to be a double standard that continues to plague our media when it comes to describing chaos among the white communities and the black communities.

AceNewsServices: Police escort a man at the scene of a shooting in Waco, Texas, in this handout photo provided by the Waco Police Department on May 17, 2015. (Reuters / Waco Police Department / Handout)

​As mainstream media has rushed to cover the Waco biker shootout, many have expressed anger at the way the tragedy was handled. Social media was abuzz with claims that there is a double standard in reporting and policing when the bad guys are white.

The actions and vocabulary of journalists and law enforcement have come under intense scrutiny in the Twittersphere, with many comparing the coverage of the Waco shootout with that of the Baltimore and Ferguson protests.

Riot or brawl?

The term “riot” has become commonplace in the media, particularly due to its heavy coverage of the protests surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray.

But what happens when a group of white bikers partake in a deadly shootout in a shopping center? Is it also a riot?

Salon’s Jenny Kutner was quick to point out that The New York Times opted for words like “chaos” and“confrontation,” while CNN used “brawl” and“brouhaha.”Others repeatedly used the word “incident” to describe the tragedy.

The bikers “did not ‘riot,’ as far as much of the media is concerned. ‘Riots’ are reserved for communities of color in protest, whether they organize violently or not…” Kutner wrote.

White-on-white violence?

When protests in Ferguson and Baltimore turned into clashes, looting, and burning cars, the American public was reminded of the “black-on-black” violence taking place as African-Americans “burned down their own neighborhoods.”

However, mainstream media doesn’t seem to be reporting on “white-on-white” crime, despite the fact that most of the bikers involved were white.

Activist Shaun King echoed that sentiment, saying he would “wait (and wait and wait and wait)” to hear the media refer to the shootout as “white-on-white” violence.

Relaxed v. ready to fire

Riot police in Ferguson and Baltimore stood guard at the scene, ready to fire if needed. It was very different to that of Waco, where officers casually stood with their backs turned away from those being arrested.

The photo even shows one biker looking at his cellphone, while others stand around freely.

The word ‘thug’

The term “thug” was frequently used by the media to describe those taking part in the Ferguson and Baltimore protests, leading many to question why the word wasn’t being used in reference to the bikers.

One Twitter user directly asked Fox News why it wasn’t using the word.

Although the shootout was described by Waco Police Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton as the “worst” and “most violent” crime scene he had seen in 34 years of law enforcement, it seems the actions of officers and the media don’t quite carry the same severity as they did in Baltimore and Ferguson – and social media appears to have drilled that point home.

Waco shootout: Media & cops treat whites better than blacks, Twittersphere claims


Ace Worldwide News Group


Disclaimer: This was not written by Lorra B.

Permission was given by AceNewsServices to Lorra B. to post articles in their entirety.

6 thoughts on “Waco shootout: Media & Cops Treat Whites Better Than Blacks, Twittersphere Claims

  1. I would like to say that accurate words should be used in all cases, and not warped to serve any particular social situation or preconceived bias. A “riot” is a mob situation that places outsiders and innocent people at risk. The motorcycle gangs were targeting each other which is far different than burning down houses and destroying property at random which is a MOB engaged in a RIOT.

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  2. I think some people are trying to find racism in EVERYTHING these days. The favorable press usually falls to the blacks lately and I’ve seen the press jump through hoops trying to put a positive spin on why blacks were walking out of burning stores with items they were clearly looting. There is no positive spin on the biker shoot out. It’s carnage and it was criminal and unnecessary. By the way, brawl is a synonym of riot so where the race baiters are getting their idea of press racism is senseless.

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    • Good Morning! I so hear you! BUT, terminology is everything and ‘softer’ words, though meaning the same thing, do at times tend to find their way into press when describing many white incidents. So the question is WHY? It can certainly tend to stir things up IMO…. Or, are folks sooooo sensitive to wordage these days that they freak at what appears to be inequality?? Hmmmm…

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      • Good Morning Lorra. I can see your point but I guess I’m SO tired of the racist card being overplayed that I shut off mentally whenever it’s brought up anymore. Sort of like crying wolf one too many times, it becomes meaningless when it finally does matter.

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