Watch The Final Desperate Moments Of Decorated Army Sgt. James Brown’s Life – Warning GRAPHIC

(Screenshot Credit, YouTube)

(Screenshot Credit, YouTube)

May 19, 2015

by Lorra B. for Silent Soldier

The final moments of U.S. Army Sgt. James Brown’s life are captured on a newly released video. Brown was serving a two-day, DWI sentence. What this video shows is an active-duty, decorated veteran not only bleeding but desperately trying to breathe.

Suffering from PTSD, Brown is subdued by riot-gear-clad police officers as he is struggling in his cell. 35 minutes pass and before Brown loses consciousness he can be heard several times desperately telling the officers that he can’t breath.

According to Fox news, Brown, “who was stationed at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas, voluntarily checked in to the El Paso County Detention Center on a Friday in July 2012 to serve a two-day sentence, and was dead by Sunday. Three years later, KFOX-14  has obtained graphic video that shows Brown’s final moments, before he died of what a coroner said was a sickle cell ‘crisis.’”

So what really happened? The details of Brown’s death are puzzling. In the new video Brown can be seen thrashing around and clearly causing himself to bleed. But, what causes Brown to go berserk in the first place?

After being subdued by the officers, and repeatedly telling the officers he could not breathe, he is hoisted over the officer’s shoulders and take Brown into another room where he is injected with lorazepam, a mild sedative according to KFOX.

Things go from bad to seriously worse as Brown tells the officers “I’ve got problems,” and implores the officers to get him water, which, eventually, they do. But after Brown is taken back to his cell, his breathing becomes more labored and he becomes unresponsive.

Brown was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

“The family’s lawyer said at no time was an ambulance or 911 called for help,” reports Fox News.

No illegal drugs were discovered in Browns body and he had no criminal; record.

A statement by the El Paso County Sheriffs Office states, “Mr. Brown’s death was an unfortunate tragedy. The sheriffs office has conducted a thorough review of the facts surrounding Mr. Brown’s death and, based upon all the evidence obtained, determined that his death was caused by a pre-existing medical condition. The specific evidence cannot be discussed because of pending litigation.”

Dinette Robinson-Scott, Brown’s Mother, stated she didn’t understand why her son wasn’t in a military jail as he should have been.

Brown’s mother went on to tell KFOX that “I pray that new laws protecting soldiers in custody will be implemented, that the military adopt new policy procedures in regards to their soldiers being held in custody by an outside agency. If these changes can be made and our soldiers are protected, and another family never has to experience what my family has, then my son’s death would not have been in vein.”

 by Lorra B.

2 thoughts on “Watch The Final Desperate Moments Of Decorated Army Sgt. James Brown’s Life – Warning GRAPHIC

  1. This was a hard video to watch. This poor soldier informed the guards on numerous occasions that he was unable to breathe. At one point I believe he told them he was choking on his own blood. I don’t think it takes a medical degree to see that this man was in some sort of serious physical distress. An ambulance should have been called to help him. His death was unnecessary and extremely negligent.

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