dMay 19, 2015

If you haven’t checked out Desert Musings, you should! Here is a piece he wrote that I simply can’t argue with. Maybe you have a different opinion?

When you let a little boy do the work of a man, what do you get? You get hammered with the results you’re not looking for. Would you like it if a 4 year old built your new car? Or a 7 year old put together the Freedom Tower in New York City? Of course not! So why in the world are we sending Bobo Obama in to do a man’s job in fighting a war against a fifth rate group of terrorists?

The simple answer is, he’s the commander in chief. The more complicated answer is, he’s costing American lives, and just as deadly, he’s costing America it’s standing in the world. We have the best trained, best equipped, most honored group of fighting men and women in world history. And yet, this man-child of a president isn’t man enough to stand up to a terrorist group and fight them like a man. Instead, he’s afraid of getting drawn into a bigger war. Someone needs to tell him we’re already drawn into the bigger war, and even though it’s not our choosing, sometimes you have to fight.

Every single president going back to FDR has had to undertake military action somewhere in the world. Most of the time, we’ve come out smelling like a rose. Sometimes, when you have a commander in chief that takes that title too literally, and they try to execute the war themselves as opposed to allowing the professionals to fight it, you end up with massacres. I’m thinking things like Vietnam, Mogadishu, and yes, Syria and ISIS. When you let little boys in to do a man’s job, this is exactly what happens.

And we’re stuck with it until 2017. But hopefully, this clown of a president won’t ruin our chances of getting out of it in one piece…even though he’s trying his best. Let’s face it. Bobo Obama doesn’t know how to fight a war. He doesn’t know how to run a business. He doesn’t know how to lead a nation, and he doesn’t know how to work with congress. What does he know? He knows how to smoke pot, and organize people to go to the polls and vote, so long as he has a little flash money.

Obama has usurped so much power from a feckless congress over the past six years, and has bungled every single decision he’s put out there, that congress needs to do some usurping of it’s own. Its’s congress’ duty to declare war, and that’s what they need to do against radical Islam. Notice I didn’t say a country, or a sect of Islam. I said radical Islam. They view this as a holy war…it’s time we did too. If Obama isn’t going to put troops on the ground in Iraq to fight this war, and win this war, congress needs to step in and do the job for him.

dThis is what happens when you send a boy in to do a man’s work. It’s time we wake up and take matters into our own hands. We need to fight this war, win this war, and defeat the enemy by destroying the enemy. Otherwise, this “war on terror” WILL go on for decades.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Permission was given by Desert Musings to Lorra B. to post his articles in their entirety.


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