Hillary Clinton, ‘Take Over My Twitter Account”!

dMay 22, 2015

By Lorra B. 

The Hillary Clinton bull-pen is pulling out all the stops in order to have her seen in a positive light. What creative, ingenious and perhaps tacky minds working in her corner. They have rallied twitter users in an effort to aid in Hillary’s defense.

For a day, a twitter user can take over Hillary’s Twitter account and do all of her postings. In doing so, it is their hope to spread the word of how wonderful she is and how much they endorse her.

If this ingenious bull-pen isn’t careful, however, they will get a ‘poser’ who could inflict even more drama and damage. But, I’m sure there are many filters the Twitter post’s must go through. It may be fun to watch this unfold.

Mary Jo began this endeavor yesterday morning and tweeted:


According to People.com, “She shared a photo of her daughter and explained how owning a small strategic design firm in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, allowed her to become a single mom at 40.

She then, predictably, started her accolades and gushed over Hillary:


Clearly, this is one more publicity stunt by the Clinton Corner. Admittedly, she has surrounded herself with clever campaign staff this go around. 

Hillary has used Twitter before in an attempt to reach a wider audience. For Mother’s Day she ran a contest promising Mother’s Day phone calls  for five lucky winners. And, indeed, there were five lucky winners.

“I just thought she was a mother to a mother, and I thought that was great,” stated Kelly Drake from Iowa. According to the Des Moines Register, Drake was taken with Hilary ‘sincerity’ and that she did not talk politics. But, did this get Hillary a vote?

What is up Hillary’s sleeve for the next go around you might wonder. Well, when she hits that campaign trail she plans to raffle off a trip to meet her next lucky contestant! And what will they win you might ask? The two contestants will have the privilege of gracing Hillary’s presence during a campaign event, airline tickets and two-night hotel accommodations included.

Hillary, we look forward to what antics are up your sleeve next, maybe Facebook?

By Lorra B. 

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