Breaking: The U.S. Capitol Was Just Evacuated, No Reasons Given

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Congress Capitol building

The Daily Sheeple

Multiple mainstream media outlets are reporting breaking news that the U.S. Capitol was evacuated a little bit ago to the sound of sirens and air horns.

Via Washington Times:

Police are evacuating the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday afternoon, though no reason was given.

“Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate the U.S. Capitol building,” a loudspeaker blared.

Streams of staffers and workmen exited, directed to the grass near the building, directed by police who showed urgency but no sense of immediate danger.

The Capitol was fairly empty, with both chambers on a weeklong Memorial Day vacation.

Initially staff were told that only the visitor center, the sprawling underground complex added to the Capitol a decade ago, was being evacuated. But the order was quickly expanded to include the whole building.

No word yet on why, but it apparently wasn’t a drill. Either way, surely they’ll find a way to blame…

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