“Have Democrats Caused Urban Poverty and Collapse?” | Trifecta

Gary (last name not given) is homeless and lives on the street in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco

Gary (last name not given) is homeless and lives on the street in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco

May 28, 2015

By Lorra B.

The question has been posed, “Have Democrats Caused Urban Poverty and Collapse?” While the Left would scream it is the fault of the Conservative Right, the right would point the finger at the left.

Both parties are guilty.  Democrats have passed most of the big bills leading to our current mess starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve but the Republicans have never seriously tried to stop or reverse them.
The obvious answer to the question in the tittle of this video is of course, yes. Take Baltimore as a shining example of what happens to a city run by democrats, oh and don’t forget Detroit. Need I go on? I think not. The answer is a painful yes, democrats destroy cities and in the case of CA can bankrupt an entire state.

YouTube and Twitter are full of example just like this. What do YOU think?

(Hat Tip The Last Refuge)

8 thoughts on ““Have Democrats Caused Urban Poverty and Collapse?” | Trifecta

  1. The interesting thing is, you can’t name one single American city that is thriving that is run by a Democrat. New York, LA, Chicago, DC, Miami, Detroit, Philly, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, all have money problems. There is one truism that crosses all boundaries. When liberals are in charge, they end up running out of money. Their generosity is always larger than their budget…and it’s always somebody else’s fault!

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  2. It’s the same old crap all the time Lorra B.
    According to your typical liberal, the Republicans have done nothing but obstruct everything Obama and company have tried to do for the “middle class” and down trodden.
    My question is exactly what have the Republicans obstructed? Obamacare? Shovel-ready jobs? The Patriot Act? Out of control racism? Without Republicans Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch would never have been confirmed as Attorney General and we see what we got for it.
    Next up …. Hillary Clinton.
    Americans were so bent on having a black president (making history) they sold the country out. Hillary will be the next history maker driving the final nail in America’s self-made coffin.
    Despite a daily bombardment of Clinton Corruption … Hillary continues on with her staged meetings and the media continue to keep all the corruption unreported.

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