dMay 29, 2015

Great points are made by Arlin Report and I happen to agree with him. (If you haven’t had a chance, go check Arlin Report out!) The Clinton’s don’t want at all to talk about this book or any other issue for that matter. They are waiting for it to ‘blow over’ like just about everything else seems to do when it involves them…American’s have a bad case of amnesia or, at best, short-term memory loss, and the Clinton’s have not as of yet had to really answer for much and when they did it was swept under the table. But, I could go on and on so let’s read what my friend over at Arlin Report has to say about the book Clinton Cash…

Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash” has admitted to some errors in the book, about 20 of them. Given there are thousands of points made and facts, 20 errors “ain’t half bad”.   Twenty errors out of one thousand attempts in the major leagues gets you a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract and in the Hall of Fame.

The fact is, this book is more than likely spot on with truth about Clinton Cash (mostly from the Clinton Foundation) otherwise there would be a law suit against Schweizer and the publisher in this sue happy nation.   The Clinton’s don’t miss opportunities to make a buck.       But in this case they can’t, even if some of the facts prove to be false.   A law suit would draw more attention to the book, the facts, facts the Clinton’s want secret.   They would have to prove the facts to be untrue……..which obviously they couldn’t do either, they’re true.  A law suit could drag more irons out of the fire, more info on the Clinton Foundation and donors, with promises exposed.   With the Clinton’s all that is bad can and usually gets worse.

The Clinton’s just don’t want to talk about it.    When asked about their Foundation and the Donors during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, her response is usually “I am very proud of what the Foundation has accomplished.”   Bill’s response pretty much the same.    Like everything else, the Clinton’s will wait for the issue to just fade away.

Check out Arlin Report

Permission was given by Arlin Report to Lorra B. to post their articles in their entirety.

Disclaimer: This article was not written by  Lorra B.


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