Watch: Americans Turned Mercenaries Train to Track Down and Slay ISIS Terrorists

(Image source RT)

(Image source RT)

June 3, 2015

Mad World News:

by Shae Weatherall

A group of average American men turned mercenaries in southern Florida are training hard in preparation for leaving the comfort and security of the United States behind to go on a mission to fight and kill ISIS members overseas.

The group’s leader, Suleiman Yousef, is a tough-as-nails martial arts expert and firearms instructor who has no fear of the Islamic terrorists. In fact, among Yousef’s multitude of tattoos is one that seems to taunt the Muslim militants with its bold instructions to “cut here” along with an “X” marking the spot along his neckline.

According to RT, Yousef and the other members of the group all have regular jobs but are committed to protecting the innocent victims of ISIS even at the risk of their own lives.

“They’re hurting kids, they’re hurting innocent people,” Yousef said. “And they’re saying it’s in the name of Islam. It doesn’t work that way. There’s always a bigger and badder person. Right now we’re going to be that bigger and badder person,” he continued. “We need to do what we can with what we know, and do it for the greater good.”

Yousef’s group will be heading to the Philippines with customized weaponry to battle against ISIS affiliated terror groups but declined to say who has hired them. The mercenary group would only say that their employer pays their “overhead.”

There hasn’t been much talk in the U.S. about the activities of the terror groups in the Philippines, but the threat is real and becoming more dangerous because of the Black Flag Movement’s pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Although what the group is doing seems to be brave and selfless and even patriotic, they do have their critics.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran and co-founder of the anti-war group Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan, Jake Diliberto, has the opinion that if people want to fight ISIS they should join the official military.

“Those that choose to go independently actually have a tendency to create more havoc and more problems in the conflict zone than an organized military or defensive contracting company,” said Diliberto.

I must disagree with what Mr. Diliberto has to say on the subject due to the fact that this group of men seems to have the training and equipment necessary to carry out their mission. They also aren’t under any restrictive rules of engagement the way our formal military personnel are. That gives them an instant advantage for being “independent.”

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

12 thoughts on “Watch: Americans Turned Mercenaries Train to Track Down and Slay ISIS Terrorists

  1. This is a prime example of why America would be defeated by ISIS. When the “commander-in-chief” doesn’t have the cajones to do the job, able-bodied Americans are ready, willing, and certainly capable to step in and do the job for him. GREAT piece!

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    • Well, somebody has to do it or we will be either forced to the Muslim faith or beheaded…many would rather be beheaded thank you. Seriously, if it isn’t taken seriously by this administration then God help us.

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  2. GOD Bless these men! It stinks that civilians care MORE about the threat from the “JV team” than our sociopath (and poor excuse for a) president! does. However, just so I’m not just picking on Mr. Worthless….the entire Western “leaders” are accused of being muslim-compliant.

    What happened to the bikers that went over there to fight against ISIS? And an English actor that went just recently?

    Godspeed these very brave men!


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