dJune 11, 2015

Desert Musings:

What the hell could be wrong with a bill that increases trade for this country? How much would our economy improve if we were able to lower tariffs abroad? Wouldn’t that mean it would be easier (and cheaper) to sell our products that we do still manufacture here in this country to others around the world? Apparently not!

NBC News, that bastion of liberalism and lying newsmen has come out with a poll (I can’t vouch for its credibility) that says a whopping two-thirds of Americans polled don’t think the TPP that Bobo Obama is trying to push through congress is a good deal for America. Most cite a loss of jobs and back union rhetoric as the reason. Personally, I’m starting to sway on this one, and it’s not for passage. I’m starting to sway that congress nixes it because of another reason altogether.

I don’t like the secrecy.

I know I watched Mitch McConnell the other day tell me on TV that we’re all going to get the chance to read the bill (like we were all able to read Obamacare before it passed?)…and I’m skeptical. The GOP is always very quick to push a trade bill through. They were with NAFTA, and I don’t think that was a bad bill. Hey, at least I was able to read the damn thing before it was passed.

If TPP is so damn good, why is Obama keeping it under wraps? Why are senators and representatives that actually WANT to wade through its enormity, made to go to the basement of the Capitol, turn over all recording material, before getting a single copy of it? Seems rather sinister to me. And I haven’t heard a very good explanation why it’s being done that way. I’m thinking it needs to be out in the open where it can be debated. If it’s not in the open, then we don’t know what’s in there, and I’ve heard all sorts of stuff from climate change regulations to paying for Sasha’ college after she graduates high school. I guess, what I’m saying is, I don’t trust the president to do the right thing anymore.

Anytime you’ve got two-thirds of the American people against something (including Obamacare!), you need to step back and ask yourself why. Hell, anytime two-thirds of Americans agree on anything you need to do that. We aren’t a country that comes together as much as that. Which scares me a lot. Which tells me that maybe we need to slow this thing way the hell down and take a good, hard, PUBLIC look at it BEFORE it gets passed.

Maybe what we need to do is call our congressmen and demand that it be made public at least a week before there’s a vote on it. If not, don’t vote on it. It’s that simple. Obama wants it passed, but doesn’t want it public. The public wants it public and doesn’t want it passed. Who is supposed to win out in this scenario? The public.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Permission was given by Desert Musings to Lorra B. to post his articles in their entirety.


    • Any member who wishes to see it before they vote on it is stripped of everything that could possibly copy it or record it in any way before they are allowed to even sift through it… Hmmmmmm. Nope, no concern at all Jim! LOL!


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