BREAKING OVERNIGHT W/ UPDATES – Armored Van With Gun Ports Opens Fire On Dallas Police… (Intense Video) – *Update* One Suspect Named, Could Be Four – Four Dufflebags of Explosives Found – Automatic Weapons – No Police Injuries

June 13, 2015

The Last Refuge:

UPDATE 6:15am: Video of Dallas PD Press Conference:

Dallas PD:  “The Dallas Police Department Is Under Attack

update-1Dallas PDUpdate 5:00am EST – Dallas Police finished a press briefing.   ♦ Suspects in an armored van opened fire on police in front of police department (00:23) and at second location after chase ensued (00:40) ♦ The number of suspects is from one to four.  ♦ One suspect named “James Boulware” (White Male, 5’10”, 200 lbs). ♦ Same singular suspect talking to police SWAT via cell phone.  ♦ Suspect claims grievance with police is because police took his children and labeled him a terrorist.  ♦ Police say suspect name matches 3 known incidents of domestic violence.  ♦Four “duffle-type” bags with “pipe bombs” and explosives found in four locations near police HQ. ♦ One bag detonated when Bomb Squad robot moved it. ♦ Another suspicious bag found under police vehicle in parking garage (brings total to 5)

update-1 ♦ Police have evacuated scene near HQ due to explosives.  ♦ Media might hear detonation sounds as bomb squad deal with duffle bags.  ♦ Only one suspect talking to police, however there may be 3 more.  ♦ One witness claims a single suspect did not make it back to van when van drove off.  ♦ One Witness claims a shooter was on second floor opposite police HQ firing – active shooter search ongoing. ♦  Twice armored van has engaged police with automatic gun fire.  ♦ No police injuries. ♦ Police vehicles “shot up pretty bad”  ♦ Suspect has now cut off negotiations. ♦ Police have stopped further vehicle operation by shooting engine block – disabled.

A previous media article with unstable man of same name “James BoulwareHERE(pictured below) 2013 incident with police and numerous weapons.

James Boulware 2

james boulware weapons

Earlier – Media are reporting an armored van, with what appears to be gun ports on rear, opened fire overnight in front of the Dallas Police Department. Video Below

This video shows the Police Department fire alarms have been set off.  You can see the fire alarm strobes flashing.  Moments later an officer approaches the van, then quickly retreats (probably saw rifle barrel) seconds later automatic fire from the rear of the van with numerous hits to the police car behind the van.

In this Tweet video you see a shorter segment:

This next video shows the van moments later driving into a police vehicle as the police open fire.  [“Twitter user @madwho12 caught the suspect’s van ram a police vehicle as shots ring out in front of the station”]:

DALLAS – Gunfire was reported just after midnight Saturday outside the Dallas Police Department headquarters.   According to News 8’s Rebecca Lopez, police sources say a suspect fired numerous shots at DPD headquarters from a van then led officers on a chase.

The chase apparently ended on Interstate 45 at Interstate 20. I-45 was shut down and Dallas SWAT was called in.  Police have surrounded the suspect’s van near Hutchins.

Twitter user Janin Ruiz (@janinruiz1) posted video of the shooting from a nearby building (Warning: NSFW language):

The vehicle is registered out of Georgia:

Appears to be former SWAT vehicle:

Former SWAT Unit

9 thoughts on “BREAKING OVERNIGHT W/ UPDATES – Armored Van With Gun Ports Opens Fire On Dallas Police… (Intense Video) – *Update* One Suspect Named, Could Be Four – Four Dufflebags of Explosives Found – Automatic Weapons – No Police Injuries

  1. Not a SWAT van, more like a payroll/bank/supermarket/ATM armored service van. You know, the politicians will shout for more gun control laws after this incident but, the will not whisper anything about restricting sale of armored vehicle disposal, or, restricting plumbing pipes, electrical pipes, duct tape, etc., etc., etc.

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