[VIDEO] Anti-Hillary Ad Goes For Jugular, See Why She’s Not Going To Like It

dJune 13, 2015

Mad World News: by Christy Lee Parker

At this point, who doesn’t love to see Hillary Clinton attacked for her incompetence? Her list of failures, flaws, contradictions, hypocrisy, and deceit is so long that it could be a talking point for days for those wise enough to know this woman doesn’t deserve the highest office of the United States. However, one candidate just went for the jugular with an anti-Hillary ad of epic proportions, and it only took 3 minutes to effectively summarize all that is wrong with Hillary Clinton for 2016.

Whether you are a Carly Fiorina supporter or not is irrelevant. What this woman did here is nothing short of brilliant, and it shows the tenacity we need a Republican nominee to have in the battle for our White House in 2016. Playing nice isn’t going to work when so many are hellbent on casting a vote on genitalia alone.

As Fiorina so beautifully articulated, a title is not an accomplishment, and when it comes to accomplishments, Hillary Clinton has none. While we all know the information the video contains, it’s how it’s told that is important. This ad pulls no punches, and if we are serious about fighting to restore our once great nation, we shouldn’t either when it comes to who will represent us in our White House.

It may seem like information everyone already knows, but we must remind them and remind them often. It’s not just the undeniably bad things Hillary has done, but the lack of any positive contribution that should have us adamant in our fight to keep her out of office.

Not only should we express in clear terms why Hillary Clinton should be kept as far away from the presidency as possible, we should send a clear message to the Democrat party — the party will be scorned by the American people should they decide to nominate the most inept, fraudulent individual for the honors of our highest office.

Regardless of whether Fiorina has your backing, one thing is for certain — she deserves a round of applause for showing the other Republican candidates how it’s done. It’s time the rest take a stand and loudly proclaim that we will not sit quietly while the Democrats feed their deluded following and sell out our nation for votes.

(h/t:  CainTV)

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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