Shooting At Air Force Base In Arkansas, Subject Hospitalized

dJune 16, 2015

by Lorra B. for Silent Soldier

The Air Force Base in Arkansas went on lock down after shots were fired at a civilian on Monday.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, crashed his van through a sign near the base’s main gate. While holding a rifle, the commander said he got out of his vehicle.

Two people were injured, the suspect and a bystander who were both rushed to the hospital.

Still unclear is the reason for the man trying to enter Little Rock Air Force Base. “Col. Charles Brown Jr., the base’s commander, said two guards stationed at the base’s main gate quickly recognized a threat [and] shot the man,” reported the Associated Press. “He said it wasn’t immediately clear whether the man fired his weapon, how many shots were fired or if the man exchanged words with the two guards.”

The base is a major C-130 aircraft training facility and houses over 8,000 military personnel, not to mention civilian employees. Why this man wanted to get inside the base remains a mystery but Brown said, “It appears he may have lost control of the vehicle.”

It’s business as usual today at Little Rock Air Force Base and all buildings have been re-opened.

by Lorra B.

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