CNN Live Shot Interrupted By Heckler: ‘White People Are Terrorists,’ ‘Obama Is An Uncle Tom!’ [VIDEO]

June 19, 2015

The Daily Caller:

A CNN live shot in Charleston, S.C. was disrupted Thursday hours after police arrested Dylann Storm Roof for the brutal killing of nine people at a predominantly African-American church.

What do you think?

During a hit by CNN’s John Berman on the scene in Charleston, a woman suddenly appeared and started shouting at the host, repeatedly asking the host if he was “angry.”

What do you think?

“There’s a lot of heartbreak to go around in this city today,” Berman started off.

What do you think?

“‘No, we’re mad, we’re angry,” the woman started shouting at Berman. “Tell the truth.”

“White people are terrorists,” the woman said as Berman tried to report on the scene, saying that traffic was picking up for the first time near the site of the shooting

Her heckling of Berman subsided for a few moments, but ramped right back up again when Don Lemon appeared with Berman to talk about the tragedy.

What do you think?

“I’m joined now by Don Lemon who’s with me,” Berman said bringing Lemon into the fold.

What do you think?

“And a friend,” Lemon said with a chuckle.

The woman slowly made her way into the background between the two anchors and ultimately shouted a variant of “are you angry, Don?” at the host ten times. Lemon and Berman seemed to keep their cool, though they gave the woman a look once or twice

“Terrorists! The president’s a puppet!” she added in her commentary. “Stop the lies.”

“Stop the lies. He’s an Uncle Tom too. President Obama’s an Uncle Tom too,” the woman said without skipping a beat. “Black folks, get off your knees and start praying.”

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

3 thoughts on “CNN Live Shot Interrupted By Heckler: ‘White People Are Terrorists,’ ‘Obama Is An Uncle Tom!’ [VIDEO]

  1. It became very clear to me as I attempted to watch the video, the black fool in the background needed to be hit over the head with a shovel. What a ditz!


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