Is Hillary Healthy Enough? You’ll Never Know!

dJune 19, 2015

Desert Musings:

There are many reasons even the most ardent Hillary Clinton supporter can come up with as to why she probably shouldn’t be president. Of course, most of those folks are burying their heads in the cement, holding their nose, and praying like there’s no tomorrow that more of Hillary and Bill’s “secrets” don’t come tumbling down on top of them to crush Hillary’s chances of becoming the country’s first female president. After all, that’s the only reason she’s running. She has no clue what she’d actually do AS president, right?

Well, there’s a hidden little secret that the Hillary camp is guarding very closely. It’s something that won’t be revealed at any time because if it were, you wouldn’t vote for her, no matter how much you like her. It’s a secret that every other candidate on both sides of the fence will show the world…but she won’t. It’s her medical records.

See, people I have spoken to in the healthcare and medical field have told me that the reason Hillary was out of sorts back before she testified to congress on the Benghazi issue was she had a stroke. Oh, I know the official story that she fell and hit her head and had double-vision for a time, and that’s what kept her out of sorts. But the people I’ve talked to said that’s not that probable.

Watch Hillary Faints, Suffers Concussion:

The more likely case is that Hillary had a stroke and took six weeks of intense re-hab to get back to the point where she could fake being better. The problem is, as most people know…if you have a stroke once, you’re prone to having more of them. It may start out as TIA’s (Transient Ischemic Attacks), or “mini-strokes” but the odds are if that is what happened to her, the likelihood is she’ll have more up the road. And she doesn’t want that out.

Watch Hillary’s fiery moments during the Benghazi Testimony:

That’s why when her campaign was asked when she would be releasing her medical records, they politely dodged the question saying that IF Hillary wanted to release them up the road, then she would.

There are so many red flags waving around this candidate I keep thinking that she’s in China, not the United States. Every time I turn around, there are more and more red flags flying in my face about her. I am 100% positive the GOP already has enough to bury her come the general election. Even so, I’m totally amazed at the number and depth of the stuff coming out about her now! If this is just the warm-up band, I can’t wait for the headliner!

At some point, her refusal to release medical records will haunt her, just like not talking to the press has haunted her. Just like her “launch” haunted her. Just like her small-group meetings with four or five “undecided voters” have haunted her. It’s turned her from getting a coronation to wading through stacks of campaign bills she won’t be able to pay this time either. Poor Bill will need to get out on the stump and give a LOT more speeches to pay for his wife’s new hobby. Running for president can be a lot more expensive than shopping online!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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3 thoughts on “Is Hillary Healthy Enough? You’ll Never Know!

  1. Perhaps with her incredibly inflated ego unchecked she will not know until she is forced to quit the campaign for real or imagined head trauma. One does not have a clot in the brain for 6 months and not suffer residual damage. Albeit the Liberal brain is difficult to damage.

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