Michelle To British Muslim Girls: When I Look At You, ‘I See Myself

June 19, 2015

Truth Revolt:

Praises “strong values” of community known for being “hotbed of Islamist activity and sympathy”

In a speech on female empowerment at London’s Mulberry School for Girls, Michelle Obama told a room full of hijab-clad Muslim girls, of mostly Bangledeshi decent, that when she looks at them, she sees herself.

“When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways your story is my story,” said Obama. 

In her remarks, the first lady praised the community, Tower Hamlets, which she lauded for having “tight knit” families with “strong values.” 

Tower Hamlet, explains Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, is “known for being a hot bed of Islamist activity and sympathy.” It’s previous mayor, Kassam notes, had Islamist ties, and the burrough has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation in the country.”

Almost half of Britain’s 1300 cases of Female Genital Mutilation last year were from London. No prizes for guess which areas these emanate from.

Kassam also provides some background on the “hard-left” ties of the “racially diverse” Mulberry School:

And while the school has been rated as “very good” for a number of years, it has also played host to hard-left conferences sponsored by groups such as ‘War on Want’, which is closely tied to anti-Israel activities in the United Kingdom, the ‘Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’ which has its roots in communist sympathising, and indeed the European Parliament.

The Mulberry Youth Conference boasts amongst its speakers Shami Chakrabarti from left-wing campaign group Liberty, now-deceased Labour MP Tony Benn, ex Labour MP Clare Short, editor of the Guardian newspaper Alan Rusbridger, anti-white racist columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, hard-left activist Owen Jones, and feminist campaigner Lucy-Anne Holmes. 

More at Truth Revolt

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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