The Decision Has Been Made To Remove The Confederate Flag….

Confederate FlagJune 23, 2015

The Last Refuge: (Image credit, The Last Refuge)

The bigger question is:

Are we a Constitutional Republic, or a Democracy?

This won’t stop folks, it just won’t.

As soon as South Carolina caved under public pressure to remove the Confederate flag from government buildings etc., the next phase went into full effect.

The confederate flag is proclaimed as a symbol of racism and oppression.  Those same activists view the U.S.A stars and stripes the same way.

What is to become of monuments and memorials to Southern generals and history.  Surely, all of that is just as offensive to the same crowd of activists.  Mississippi State university?  Ol Miss?   “The Rebel” sports groups?

Ponce De Leon, Christopher Columbus, General Lee…. where do you stop?  When will you reach a point that no-one is offended?  The Alamo?  Washington Park?  Gettysburg?  Penns Landing?

It won’t stop folks.  These same people will tear it all down, and will eventually be telling the people in Massachusetts that Plymouth Rock is a symbol of white oppression and racism.

Some folks may laugh and dismiss the controversy, but predicting where this is headed is really a no brainer.

Permission was given by The Last Refuge to Lorra B. to post their articles in their entirety.
Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

6 thoughts on “The Decision Has Been Made To Remove The Confederate Flag….

  1. The lefties have been whining about the Confederate flag for a long time. Now they have a “reason” to get rid of it because that freak Dylann Roof decided to kill all of those people…and he had a pix taken of him in front of the Confederate flag.

    A few years ago…. this is a change of subject of sorts… I visited the Jewish Museum in Milwaukee, WI. The very first thing you see as you walk up to the door is: This is a gun free zone. I was so uncomfortable in that museum thinking that some nutcase could come in blasting away and kill us all. We didn’t stay long. I refuse to go anywhere that bears that sign! Might as well have a target on your shirt and make it easy for the gunman.

    I’m running out of places to go… I won’t go anywhere that is gun free, I won’t go anywhere there are liberals (the sign gun free zone tells me the folks that run the place are liberals….now I have a “sign” the place is a lefty business). I’m also running out of actors and musicians I will watch or listen to. You can’t tell what politician is really a conservative, they all seem to have a real lefty slant. This is like living in the Twilight Zone.

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    • It IS the twilight zone LadyB! The more extreme left it gets the more out of place I feel. It’s soooo darn funny (not!) how the left demand their rights by stepping on the rights of the conservative. And they seem blind to this fact. Outrageous.


  2. This is complete nonsense. The Rebel forces fought under it for their vision of America, they lost. We pounded Japan and Germany in WWII they have their flag. Governor Nickey Haley has just decided to take the flag from the capitol. Chalk one up for the RINO’s.


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