The Racism, The Manifesto and The Flags The Media Ignored….

dJune 23, 2015

The Last Refuge:

A month before anyone knew the name Dylann Roof there was another series of racist incidents, utilizing flags, that led to another racist manifesto.

The first manifesto was delivered to the media a month before Charleston.  This manifesto was similarly filled with anger, bitterness, hatred and open threats of violence.  However, no-one paid any attention to it. Why?

In May a racist named Eric Sheppard Jr wrote a 1,500+ word racist manifesto with promises of violence toward his community in Georgia.


The Valdosta Daily Times even published the manifesto complete with video from Sheppard outlining his threats and intentions, but no-one seemed to care.

[…] Sheppard stated he will “annihilate” anyone who comes after him and issued what appears to be threats of violence at Saturday’s graduation ceremonies at Lowndes High School.

The comments were made in a rambling, profanity-laced “memorandum ultimatum” sent to The Valdosta Daily Times condemning white people and local police.

A brief video showing Sheppard wearing sun glasses and inside what appeared to be an SUV accompanied his statement. (link)

The national airwaves were not filled with outrage, disgust or broadcasted conversations about racism. Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and Sonny Hostin didn’t fly to Georgia, even after the FBI and U.S. Marshal’s office substantiated the threats.

Valdosta State University

The month prior to writing the Manifesto Eric Sheppard had taken handguns to Valdosta State University to carry out his plans. It was an alarmed group of students that alerted authorities. Sheppard fled and for a month was in hiding. After sending the Valdosta Times his manifesto he was captured the following week in Tampa Florida. The national media never mentioned any of it. Why?

While The Valdosta Daily Times understands concerns over the release of the video and message, The Times chose to release what it received from Sheppard in order to provide the most complete information to the general public possible.

The Times had been told if the newspaper did not release Sheppard’s statement it would be released through other means. The Valdosta Daily Times decided to release the information with complete details about how it was obtained, along with how it was being viewed by local law enforcement. READ THE MANIFESTO HERE

Inside Dylann Roof’s manifesto he mentions his frustration with a national media fraught with double standards about race, violence and threats.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has recently gone to great lengths to string together the social media communications of Dylann Roof in an attempt to trace the origin of his commentary within the internet. Outlined Here.

Does the SPLC hold a similar disposition toward the almost identical racist ideology of Eric Sheppard Jr.  Did the SPLC attempt a month earlier to connect the social profiles of Sheppard so they could be exposed on CNN, MSNBC or national media?

Or, unfortunately, is that merely an example of the double standard that fueled Roof’s instability?

You decide.

dylann roof flag stompingeric sheppard flag

flag stomping

The removal of the confederate flag is not the goal of the activists as you see them portrayed on television.  They have a larger objective:


More at The Last Refuge

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

Permission from The Last Refuge was given to Lorra B. to post their articles in their entirety.

2 thoughts on “The Racism, The Manifesto and The Flags The Media Ignored….

  1. Treating the U.S. Flag in this manner has been against the law since Vietnam. Those involves in this willful lawless behavior must be rounded up, and forced to do community service like picking up trash along the highways.


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