What’s Wrong With A Little Discrimination??

dJune 23, 2015

We The People:

What’s wrong with a little discrimination?

Several special interest groups have come together to protest Father’s Day as a day of discrimination, as it allegedly stacks the deck against those women who are unable to become fathers, as well against those men who have chosen not to.“It’s like an annual poke in the eye,” said one concerned citizen, who did not wish to be self-identified as a member of any particular orientation nor gender. “As Michelle Obama recently said, the time has come to reconsider our traditions and reexamine our historical perspectives in order to accommodate this new generation who may not wish to glorify the barbaric practice known to previous generations as fatherhood.”

This latest protest raises some serious questions about how our well-intended celebration of certain members of society based on their familial relationships may be extremely offensive, or even openly aggressive towards some others. Some may argue that Mother’s Day stands on the same level as it obviously discriminates against men, most of whom can’t become mothers. But according to the protesters, that is a false argument because women have been the victims of male oppression since the beginning of time, and today many of them feel that reparations are long overdue.

“We have progressed beyond the traditional understanding of gender and parental roles in the modern family,” said the leader of Radical Feminists of America, a prominent LGBT rights group who goes by the name of Big Red. “Society is going through some growing pains right now, and we will have to change our perspective so that we do not exclude anyone based on their capacity to become fathers.”

Another class of offended victims, known as ‘the fatherless,’ have also expressed disdain for the celebration of fathers. The fatherless feel extremely hurt and offended that others are able to take part in a holiday that they have been excluded from. Father’s Day only serves as a reminder to them of the wanton manner in which their own fathers cast them aside. “Why would anyone want to celebrate this group of men, some of whom have caused so much heartache to their own children?” asked one fatherless victim.

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

12 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With A Little Discrimination??

  1. I’m glad that the piddly problems like nuclear proliferation, poverty, hunger, crime and all have been taken care of around this world so we can now attend to this incredibly important issue. I can only hope that Caitlyn Jenner made it past her first Father’s Day without any problems.

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    • Isn’t it just the truth?? The world is falling down around us (in so many ways) and THIS is the outcry!? Stuck on stupid I guess and I'[m stuck in a continual head-shake. Sigh. OK, Bahahaha! I was trying not to laugh about the Jenner comment and just couldn’t do it… 🙂 It’s a confused world and I, for one, and glad it isn’t our eternal home… 🙂

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  2. Sounds like a bunch of gay women with the “normal” ax to grind! Maybe we need to separate this (father’s) day. Black Father’s Day, Hispanic Father’s Day, Islamic Father’s Day, Gay Pride Father’s Day, Transgender Father’s Day, I may have a kid somewhere Father’s Day and — oh yeah– Privileged White Father’s Day.

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