As Confederate Flag Anger Grows, Obama Makes MAJOR Terrorism Policy Change

dJune 24, 2015

Mad World Newsby Sean Brown

The debate over the Confederate flag has boiled over into a nationwide topic as people demand its removal from everything in the public square. Never letting a good crisis go to waste, Barack Obama quietly announced a major change to our terrorism policy, and it has a lot of people scared that it will endanger Americans both here and abroad.

According to CNN, the United States has long held the position that our nation doesn’t negotiate with terrorists under any circumstances whatsoever, as doing so only empowers them and makes them more likely to commit horrible acts in the future. Unfortunately, that’s all about to change, thanks to our spineless president.

When James Foley was abducted by ISIS, his family was very vocal about the lack of effective action in freeing their son. In fact, his mother, Diane, said she was “embarrassed and appalled” by our government and its inability to rescue James.

It was the Foley family and 82 others who ultimately paved the way for the new shift, which will ease the restrictions on both families and government when it comes to striking a deal with hostages.

According to CNN:

The White House will release on Wednesday a presidential directive and an executive order that will allow the government to communicate and negotiate with terrorist groups holding Americans hostage, a source briefed on the matter told CNN.

While the government will maintain its policy of not making “substantive concessions” to captors or paying ransoms, the White House will announce that officials will no longer threaten with criminal prosecution the families of American hostages who do pay ransoms to their relatives’ captors, according to a senior administration official.

You terrified yet? I am, and you should be. There’s a reason we’ve never negotiated with terrorists, and allowing it will only empower them to become bolder when it comes to taking hostages. In fact, it’s estimated that the majority of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group’s revenue comes from collecting ransom for abductees, despite the long held position we won’t negotiate, so what do you think this will lead to?

My fears aren’t unsubstantiated, either. House Speaker John Boehner (R- Ohio) said that he has similar concerns and feels the change in our 200-year-old policy will only further endanger Americans here and abroad.

“I’ve not seen the report nor have I seen an analysis of it, but we have had a policy in the United States for over 200 years of not paying ransom and not negotiating with terrorists and the concern that I have is that by lifting that long held principle you could be endangering more Americans here and overseas,” Boehner said.

So it appears as if Obama, who knew for some time now this change was going to happen, used the cover of controversy to once again pull the wool over our eyes as he empowered our enemies. Is it anything new? No, not in the least. But this is a major change, and it’s undoubtedly one that will put more lives at risk.

Individually, his actions can be explained away as either incompetence or poor decision-making. However, taken as a whole, I’m really beginning to think he’s trying to take our nation down from within, which would make sense, given the past of his chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

[H/T: IJReview]

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

3 thoughts on “As Confederate Flag Anger Grows, Obama Makes MAJOR Terrorism Policy Change

  1. Be nice to wipe that smile off his face with the truth that he isn’t who he appears to be or even thinks he is.
    A site you might like: Read the part about the Confederate flag.
    The Traitors and Terrorist are in Gov. positions of control.
    Here’s one on Charleston.

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