SPREAD THIS: One Fact Is Changing The Minds Of Hillary Supporter ENTIRELY

Screenshot credit, The Blaze.

Screenshot credit, The Blaze.

June 30, 2015

Mad World News:

Despite the gross lack of achievement during Hillary Clinton’s time in public office and her constant deceit, it seems that some virtually cannot have their minds changed on electing her as our nation’s first female president – until now. There has been a fact brought to the table that is instantly changing the minds of clueless sheep.

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform recently took a trip out to the White House in order to play a little trivia game. Little did his guests know exactly how blown away they’d be by the results.

On a board were four homes, each with an accompanying nickname and pricetag. The buildings found on the game board were as follows:

The Embassy Estate – $5,700,000
The Countryside Castle – $1,700,000
The Hampton Hideaway – $11,000,000
The Beachside Bungalo – $13,000,000

Of those properties, candidates were expected to choose from the following list in order to guess who resides in the pictured residence:

Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Marco Rubio
Ben Carson
Martin O’Malley
Jeb Bush

For those who haven’t watched the video yet, feel free to play the game yourself – can you match a name to the corresponding property? We’ll wait.

Plot twist – they’re all Hillary’s. Imagine that.

As one would imagine, everyone in the video seemed completely and utterly shocked by this fact, and why shouldn’t they? Hillary, in some pathetic attempt to connect with the everyday American, has said on several occasions that she’s broke and knows what it’s like to live in our shoes. FALSE!

Most of us couldn’t even fathom living in a $1 million home – but what if you owned four homes totaling a whopping $31.4 million. Still feels like she knows what it’s like to be a struggling American? The fact is, Hillary is a complete farce, and only those who are hell-bent on having a female president are too blind to see it.

Luckily, Phillips was able to change a few minds. As for Hillary being president, we need someone “of the people,” not royalty. Last time we had someone like that come around we went to war.

More at Mad World News

Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

(h/t: The Blaze)
(Image source: The Blaze)

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