8 thoughts on “The US Constitution (2015 Edition)

      • In the book of Romans God states that he’ll give people over to their own devices if they choose that over His Truth and Word. Another reason the Agenda System took the KJV out of the Schools, so they could spoon feed their indoctrination w/out interference. Today, most of the churches have been corrupted w/ the same leaven. I know what you mean Lorra. Back then, the LORD said he wouldn’t destroy the place if it had 10 righteous men … it didn’t. The ‘wickedness’ was the reason, the sodomy a result or symptom of the separation from God = Goodness. The more people that buy into the Lie Program the farther the Nation gets from the True Light of Life and Liberty. You can read some of it here: Gen 18:20 …
        Even some of the ‘scapegoats’ aren’t clean!

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      • Soooooo true! I am very familiar with the book of Romans and appreciate the link. They know not what they do, for their eyes are veiled. The Gate is narrow and every day I understand that more and more….

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      • Right on Lorra. It’s been God’s Grace ‘we have eyes to see’ and an understanding, by His Spirit abiding in us.
        Hey, something to share w/ you. Check out in the white message board about JH15 about the ‘control centers’ that are in place for July 4th – which like NSA spying will most likely stay up. See if what he’s saying is inline w/ your thinking.

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  1. Well we have seen that now haven’t we. Odd but they have breached the separation of powers by their ill-conceived positions. Time to impeach them starting with Kagan and Sotomayor.


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