#BringBackOurGirls – Chibok SCHOOL-GIRLS FOUND — But The Results Are Sinister

Michelle Obama joined in the hashtag activism for the nearly 300 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, but that didn’t last long.

Michelle Obama joined in the hashtag activism for the nearly 300 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, but that didn’t last long.

July 1, 2015

Mad World News:

Nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped from Chibok, Nigeria over a year ago, spurring a wave of social media activism. However, the enthusiasm was soon met with boredom after Michelle Obama and Hollywood celebrities lost interest in the campaign and slowly abandoned their selfies and hashtag slogan #BringBackOurGirls.

Still, the parents of the hundreds of young girls hoped that one day their children would be returned to them alive, but after a recent discovery, even their closest relatives might be rethinking their embrace.

The BBC reports that some of the surviving Chibok schoolgirls have been forced into fighting for the terror group Boko Haram after thorough brainwashing and Islamic indoctrination.

A 17-year-old hostage of Boko Haram, Miriam, revealed the horrors of living under an Islamic state after she fled captivity.

“They were Christian men. They [the Boko Haram fighters] forced the Christians to lie down. Then the girls cut their throats.”

Miriam managed to escape her kidnappers, but not before being married off and impregnated by a Boko Haram militant. During the first days after she was taken, Islamists told the girls to get ready to marry Muslim fighters.

“They came back with four men, they slit their throats in front of us. They then said that this will happen to any girl that refuses to get married.”

Miriam admitted that she and the other girls were raped multiple times.

“There was so much pain,” she said. “I was only there in body… I couldn’t do anything about it.”

The schoolgirls, mostly Christian, were forced to convert to Islam and learn the Quran. Then, they were trained to fight in the way of Allah, as those scriptures command, according to The Guardian. That’s when she met the kidnapped Chibok girls seen throughout news headlines.

“They told us: ‘You women should learn from your husbands because they are giving their blood for the cause. We must also go to war for Allah.’ The ones I’ve seen are totally heartless. Even the men avoid them because they are scared,” she said.

#BringBackOurGirls Chibok Schoolgirls Found — But The Results Are Sinister

Then, the “brainwashed” girls slit the Christians’ throats as a sacrifice of infidel blood to Allah.

Another escapee said that she was certain the schoolgirls had been trained to do Boko Haram’s bidding.

When pressed on how she could be sure that it is was the Chibok schoolgirls that she’d seen, Anna said:

“They [Boko Haram] didn’t hide them. They told us: ‘These are your teachers from Chibok.’

“They shared the girls out as teachers to teach different groups of women and girls to recite the Koran,” Anna recalled.

“Young girls who couldn’t recite were being flogged by the Chibok girls.”

“People were tied and laid down and the girls took it from there… The Chibok girls slit their throats,” said Anna.

This is the last the media has heard of the Chibok schoolgirls since a video was released of over 100 of them reciting the Quran in unison.

Surely, we will not hear anything from the Obamas, as they have more important things to do, like turning the White House rainbow, moving Independence Day to celebrate Ramadan, and holding press conferences about how un-Islamic the Islamic State is.

H/T [The Religion Of Peace]
Photo Credit [BBC, Mashable]

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

7 thoughts on “#BringBackOurGirls – Chibok SCHOOL-GIRLS FOUND — But The Results Are Sinister

  1. I have to align my sympathy with the slaughtered Christians. The girls who murdered these people had a choice to do the honorable thing, but I understand that honor is a matter of culture and Africans are not known for having much of this. Still, I’m sure Michelle Obama doesn’t care … not about the murdered Christians, or about the girls.

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    • Yes, I wondered what I might do in that same position and I believe with all my heart that I would first lay down my life then take another. These were just mere girls, frightened beyond compare. I don’t judge them, that’s not my job, nor do I excuse them. I have compassion for the plight they were thrown into and my heart hurts for them and their families…. The horror is unimaginable. 😦


  2. That allah god sure requires a LOT of innocent blood! I use to think that Revelation was over the top of clearing the plains with blood, but no longer – they’re not innocent. To think that God can allow His Grace to go one more day in light of all the scummy things going on and will until the time of the Gentiles is full, just to give opportunity to ‘those whosoever will believe’ is beyond me! ULTIMATE Compassion.
    Anything coming out of Michael/Michelle’s thoughts don’t carry much weight of valuable substance in reality. :- /

    OT ! but I think you’ll get a laugh from it!


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