U.S. Map Of Racial Segregation Reveals Something Liberals Won’t Like

Important milestones in the fight against racial segregation?

Important milestones in the fight against racial segregation?

July 2, 2015

Mad World News: by Dom the Conservative

As racial tension escalates to levels of dangerous proportion, liberals claim to have all the answers for the minorities, all while pouring gasoline on the fire. Even though the left is the self-labeled hero of the migrant man, just how diverse is liberal America?

Using census data from 2010, scientists were able to map out what they believe is a visual segregation of races in the U.S., and the findings divulge incredible information.

According to the Daily Mail, an interactive map shows a stark difference in many conservative and liberal states, and the left might not be too proud of the compiled data.

To hopefully better understand racial tension, scientists created the map by using blue dots for whites, green for blacks, red for Asians, orange for Hispanics, and brown for those who identify as Native American or other smaller minorities.

Screenshot (78)1

It’s plain to see that American cities on the east coast are largely segregated, beginning in North Carolina and moving its way up to Maine. However, what’s even more identifiable is that the most liberal states are not only some of the most segregated, but are also the most… well, white.

Another thing that caught researchers’ eyes was Detroit, a liberal city that has a stark division of white and black between 8 mile. How is it that the most liberal city in the U.S., known for its generations of leftist government, is one of the most segregated?


Because of recent racial tension in Baltimore, scientists took a closer look at the city’s demographics. The results were an undeniable segregation that is sure to embarrass one of the nation’s most left-leaning cities.


Philadelphia, which is in the top twenty-five most liberal cities in America, looks a lot like Baltimore. The liberal policies haven’t helped the racial divide, as blacks live in much poorer neighborhoods compared to their leftist white counterparts.


Chicago, President Barack Obama’s hometown, is one of the most segregated cities in the country. Making the top twenty left-leaning cities, Chicago’s unbelievable segregation paints a literal rainbow of division, a certain embarrassment for the nation’s first black president.


New York City, one of the country’s liberal cities that boasts the most diversity, proves they also have one of the worst segregation problems as well.

new york city

Another detail that’s sure to have liberals fuming is the visible proof that many of the top liberal states are also mostly white. One the other side, the most conservative states have a high population of minorities. I guess it’s just the white privilege that comes along with being a liberal.

While liberals like to boast diversity, they certainly don’t appear to want to mix with the other races unless it buys them votes on the campaign trail. This type of hypocrisy has fooled masses of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jews into voting Democrat under the guise of diversity and acceptance.

Although the left boasts it as one of their proudest accomplishments, the flooding of the U.S. with immigrants has only created more of a racial division within their own communities. Any policies they’ve implemented have only worsened the segregation that the Republicans abolished so many years ago.

Photo Credit [Daily Mail]

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Disclaimer: This article was not written by Lorra B.

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